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Andhra Pradesh Places to see ARASAVALLI

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh, from the Srikakulam about 1.6 kilometers

Attractive Characteristic : Scarce shrine of Sun god

Dedicated To : Lord Surya

Established In : Seventh Century

This one of the pilgrimage of the Andhra Pradesh is situated about 1.6 kilometers from the village Srikakulam, it is close to the Andhra Pradesh state's capital city Hyderabad. This is a prime and essential pilgrimage place. This pilgrimage temple has been committed to the Lord Surya, it is very scarce to worship Lord Surya in India. This temple is only shrine which is dedicated to the Lord Surya, in the whole Coramandal Coast ago the unfinished construction project of the Konark temple of the Orissa coast. People say that the construction of this temple was started Orissa's Kaling rulers, during the seventh century. as per the legend, the King of all Gods Indra, wanted to do entry inside the Koteshwara shrine, but he was not allowed, but still he was trying to force himself in the temple, at that time the door keepers thrown Indra out of the shrine, because of his arrogance and bad behavior. He went to the Sun god's shrine and he practiced worship rituals at this Arasavalli shrine.

In the Arasavali temple, the idol of the Surya god is around five feet high, he has been hold lotus buds. This flower is made by the black color granite edged by Lord Surya and Padma, Chhaaya and Usha's argument. They were worshipped on seven horses driven boat at this place. On the base part of this picture, there are doorkeepers Aruna, Danda, Pingla, saint Sananda and Sanaka all these are also displayed in the picture. The current structure of the temple is a highly result of the eighteenth century's restructure. Arasavalli shrine is a Panchayatana, containing Shiva, Aditya, Vishnu, Ganesha and Paravati at the 4 different corners. Within this shrine, the picture of the Indra has been honored. There is very famous believe that people who are facing the diseases of skin and eye, they give visit to Arasavalli temple and pray to God Sun, and he will cure the diseases. The major festival which has been celebrate in this temple is Suryanarayan Swami Kalyanotsavam , while the month of March and April for about five days. This festival is very essential annual occasion, when numbers of people do visit to this shrine.

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