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Andhra Pradesh Places to see KOTAPPAKONDA

At a glance :

Region : District Guntur, From Narasaraopet about thirteen kilometers

Called As : Trikutaparvatam or Kondakavuru

Dedicated To : Trikoteswara Swami

This is one of the prime pilgrimages of the Andhra Pradesh state. This pilgrimage has been situated on the west south of Narasaraopet about thirteen kilometers, comes in the district of Guntur. The actual name of this town is Kondakavuru, but this town is famous by the name of Trikutaparvatam or Kotappakonda. The goddess which has been situated in this hill area known as Trikoteswara. Near to this pilgrimage there is unique hill which has 3 peaks. The height of this hill is about 1587 feet. These 3 hills are called as Trikutadri or Trikutachalam. You can get the view of this hill from different distance locations and from any direction. After Hindu Brahma, Triumverate, Maheshwara and Vishnu, these peaks go the name. Before the period of 1000, the temple of Shri Tritoswara Swami was existed. The sheer steps go towards the hill, the height of hill is about 600 feet, and at this location the temple of Shri Trikoteswara Swami has been located. The goddess has been customary in the form of the Shiva Linga, called as Trikoteswara or Trikuteswara.

This is a very holy location of Lord Shiva. At this place, Dakshana Murthy educated the holy information about the Brahma to the gods and Lord Shiva. The time, Lord Shiva transformed him into the 12 years boy, to observe the sharp unmarried life and he was called as Dakshana Murhty, the worshipper does not practise wedding ceremony over this hills area.

Attractive Tourist Spots :

Kaleeya Mardana & Deer Park :

This spot has been developed on the path. There is a small lake has been created known as Kaleeya Mardana, it contains Lord Krishna's sculpted model in the dancing pose over the Kaleeya's head. This statue has been adorned by the lighting effects; this statue has been placed in the middle point of the lake. This place is perfect picnic place for you and your family. Manu fun games are there, for small children. Here you will get to see the Jurassic park which contains mobile dinosaurs; they are very huge in size.

Yaga Shala :

This is a meditation center, which is known as Yaga Shala. It was built over the Mount Abu's lines, on hill's top point. This is best place for those, who want to perform the homam, with extensive dinning area. This meditation is a divine place. if devotees worship the trikoteswara Swami, they get the blessing from the Swami.

View Point :

Here you can see many ponds which have been founded over the hill 8 ponds are situated, on temple's front side. This spot lie on the hill's corner area, here you will get to see the dangerous sight of the bounded area. After taking a holy darshan of the pilgrimage, you can come here to explore the beauty of the nature which has been bounded around the Kotappakonda pilgrimage. People who come to visit the pilgrimage, they must visit this delightful spot.

The Sanctuary :

This beautiful spot is another interesting and attractive place for the tourists. This sanctuary contains doves, peacocks and parrots, all these valuable factors of the nature are maintained through Forest Department.

Festival :

The prime festival which celebrated at this temple is Maha Shivratri. With great enthusiasm and energy all the devotees come to pilgrimage to celebrate the festival. This festival held in the months of February and March, in every year.

Stay :

There are guest houses of Government for accommodation.

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