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Andhra Pradesh Places to see SANEESHWARA TEMPLE

Quick Five :

  • Location : Mandapalli, East Godavari District

  • God Worshiped : Saturn (Saneeshwara)

Saneeshwara Temple, Andhra Pradesh, India :

Saneeshwara Temple
is sited in Rajamunday which is around 38 kms away in a little village called Mandapalli. There is the renowned temple located which is Sri Madeswara Swami Temple, it is also commonly known as “Someshwar temple”. The god worshiped in this temple is Lord Shiva and the Linga is sanctified by Someshwar. The presiding divinities here are ‘Nageswara’ ‘Bhrameswara’, ‘Saneeswara’, and they appear in the form of black stone Shiv lingams. This is a tiny temple but attracts thousands of devotees from near and far places.

The Fable :

Another story says that the sage ‘Dhadchi’ made a supreme sacrifice in donating his valuable spinal cord for the most powerful weapon of Lord Indra which was known as the “Vajurayudha” that killed number pf ghostly demons. The demons son in retaliation to the death of their father ‘Kartabha’ called ‘Pippala’ and ‘Aswartha’ founded the places of Mandapalli and brought innumerable miseries to the people living there. Saturn was approached by the Sage Agastya with all the other sages after looking at the miseries of people. The God Surya’s son was doing penance to set free them from ruination in the hands of the two demon brothers.

Saturn did not went ahead to kill the demons and wanted to wait till he finishes his prayes to gain maximum strength for the demolition, but went ahead to kill the demons when he was given ‘Tapasshakti’ by the sages who approached him. He then killed Pippala and Ashwartha relieving the other people and sages from the oppression of demons engulfed from a long time.

People triumphant over the obliteration of these demons and praised Saturn in many words and many boons were showered on him by sage Agastya and others. As a spot of his magnificent conquest over the demons Saturn placed a "Shiva Linga" which is identified as "Mandeshwara" or "Sameswara".

Accommodation :

The tourists can stay in the hotels that are available in Rajahmundry that provides some good and basic facilities including good rooms and good service.

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