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Andhra Pradesh Places to see SRIKURMAM

At a glance :

Region : Srikulam's south side, about 12 miles.

Relevance : Essential Lord Vishnu's temple, of the entire India.

Dedicated To : Srikurmanatha

Famous For : Architectural features

Srikurmam pilgrimage has been located in Andhra Pradesh state's Srikakulam village, it is on the southern east side of this village, and around 12 miles this pilgrimage has been situated. From the name of the village, this pilgrimage got this name; it is committed to the Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of the Srikurmam. Lord Vishnu's incarnation in the tortoise is known as Srikumanatha. This pilgrimage is divine place; this is a single temple of the Lord Vishnu, that’s why it is very much important, which is situated on the land of the Kurmathara in the entire India. According to the famous legend, deity visited this land to give the blessings to the Swetamahipathi's king. There is saying that if you immersed the bones of the dead person into the Swetapushkarani tank then it gets transformed in the kurmas or tortoise; the unclean persons wishes to touch the water of this tank. Srikurmam pilgrimage is very well known because of its architectural feature and it also consisting numbers of writings which are antiquity from eleventh century & nineteenth century. this pilgrimage has a very essential writing document, it was involved in the controversy of the Telgu Bharata authorship, this was credited to Nannaya, he was a great poet of Telgu and the Chalukyan king poet, Rajarajanarendra.

Srikurmam pilgrimage has delightful Mandapas with elegant columns and there is also some sculptural work, which adds the more beauty in the temple. Srikurmam temple's Vimana was constructed in the architectural style of the Chola, the outside gates were built after very much time. At this pilgrimage, you will get to see numbers of Teerthas at Srikurmam pilgrimage.

Festival :

In the month of March, the major festival is celebrated by the pilgrims if this pilgrimage in very year. This festival celebrated in large scale, around twenty thousand pilgrims to worship the deity.

Close Attractive Tourist Places :

In the surrounding area of Srikurmam, you will get to see the essential Kshetras. On the western side you can see the Shaivite temple, this temple's name is Sundareswara, it is located in the village called Pippala. Srikurmam's eastern side, the spot where River Vamsadhara emerged the sea, at this place you can see the popular Karpureswara temple. Over the Langulya banks, see the Koteeswara temple. In the near area of the Srikurmam, you can see the numbers of Teerthas such as Chakra Teertha, Ashta Teertha, Vakra Teertha and Sudhagunda etc.

Stay :

Here you can stay at choultries. There are also hotels and resort in the Srikakulam.

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