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Karnataka Places to see TREKKING

At a glimpse :

Location : South India, Karnataka

Famous for : Adventure sports (trekking)

Best places to visit : Sahyadri hills, Coorg, Canara, Hassan, and many more

Facts :

Karnataka is well renowned for various adventurous sports, among them the most popular is trekking.People who are fond of nature and adventure enthusiast for them it is an idyllic place to explore where they can get  the scenic view of natural beauty of this state. While exploring in this place you will spot various stunning hills and mountains that enhance the state more beautifully. Karnataka state encloses a wide range of landscapes that are meant for trekking. Starting from the southern parts of this state, the Sahyadri hills lie in the North Kanara, while the Coorg in the Sholas. They are the most popular spots that one can trek for experiencing adventure and thrill. The whole Karnataka region is an ideal place for trekking where visitors who are aficionado towards adventure hail here.

A large number of stunning hills and lush green forests draw the attention of the adventurers to hail here for trekking in this state of India. Majority of the tourists travel to various places in search of adventure, but very few of them get satisfied while rest of them still continue with their search. Travelers will see some of the famous trekking trails in this state like the Hassan, Shimoga, Canara, Chikamagalur, and Coorg. There are other lofty mountains that help the trekkers to indulge in adventurous sports.Peaks that are renowned for trekking in Karnataka state is Kodachari, narasimha Parvatha, Kumara Parvatha, and Kudremukh.

It is not only a land of deities and natural beauty, but it is also a paradise for the trekkers that are provided in the part of Western Ghats. Here, there are a large number of tourist spots that are worth to watch and experience while you are on tour to Karnataka. Some of the places enclose attractions like the national park, wildlife sanctuary, cascading waterfalls, rocky hill terrains, reserves, and many more. All this sites can be found only in the Nagarhole reserves, Bandipur, Kaveri basin, and many more. There are so many places for trekking that you can choose any one of them like for a day trip or camp here.

Agumbe :

Agumbe is located at a very convenient place that is 378 kilometer from Bangalore City and 95 kilometer from Shimoga.It is the most beautiful place that offers a scenic view of the Western Ghats, which lies in the southern part of India. The sheet of lush green forest covers the rugged mountains all around this place. The most interesting attractions for voyagers are the impressive sunset and immense opportunities for the trekkers to trek.

Coorg :

Coorg is the most delightful place nestled in the state of Karnataka for travelers to have short and long walks. There are several places that are famous as trek routes like the Tadiandamol, Kottebetta, Madikeri, and Talacauvery. Kodagu is situated in Bengaluru at a distance of around 250 kilometer; it lies in the center of the Western Ghats which is enhanced with abundant green forest, rolling hills, and also coffee plantations.

Kuntibetta :

Kunitbetta is located close to Mysore and Padavpura city and it lies at a distance of around 100 kilometer from Bengaluru. In reality, it is two stunning hills where one is nestled on the right which is known as ‘Bhimanabetta.’ The rocks that are present here are unusual and are known as the ‘French Rock’. There are several paths offered where you can trek in these two hills and get the experience of thrill and excitement.

Savandurga :

It is one of the alluring places where you can see a beautiful fort which is placed on the peak of the mountain. It is located at a mile of about 60 kilometer from the city of Bangalore. The hill in Savandurga consists of two main granite cliffs that measures a height of around 4000 feet and is 13 kilometers that is 8 miles in perimeter. Among the two, one is called as the ‘Bilibetta’ or the white peak, while another one is known as the ‘Karibetta’ or the black peak.

Note : Trekkers and tourist who are passionate about adventure and lover of nature are advised not to visit and trek places of Karnataka during the monsoon season. In this season, due to heavy rainfalls the trails get wet and slippery, therefore, it is very difficult and risky to trek which can cause a hindrance in your trip.

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