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Karnataka Places to see KARNATAKA ARCHAEOLOGY

Karnataka is located in the southern part of India and is the most visited tourist destination that attracts  thousands of people every year. This state is well renowned for its pilgrimage center, it is known as ‘the pristine land for divine.’ It is not only popular for the fairs and festivals but also recognized for various archaeological sites that are maintained here. Some of the archaeological sites are just the ruins of the forts and palaces or the temples. But few of them are well maintained and preserved in this region even today. They are the main tourist attractions that are noteworthy to visit while you are on tour to Karnataka in India. This enchanting place is popular for its fairs and festivals, pilgrimage centers, wildlife, and many more. Karnataka is the place where various dynasties and great kings dwelled here before the independence of India. Therefore, this state is home for the entire great king’s and his rulers of the dynasty. In the earlier period, the great kings used to build forts and palaces just to showcase his might and strength to the opponent. There are a large number of archaeological sites that are preserved here and tourists can explore any one of them. The archaeological spots definitely won’t bore you because there are some of the legend stories and mysterious tales hidden in them.

Hampi in Karnataka state of India is renowned for its numerous attractions that draw a large number of crowd. This wonderful city was established in the earlier period of the 14th century during the Kingdom of Vijaynagara. It is situated at a short distance of around 350 kilometers from Banagalore city in Karnataka. This place is known as the ‘Land of surprises and also marked as an icon of wealth and might of Vijaynagara Empire. If you are planning to visit Hampi in your trip, make sure you check out some of the ruins that are preserved here. When you visit this place, you can spot various sacred temples and also forts and palaces. In Hampi, there is a wide range of around five hundred temples that are preserved here. Recently, the relics of Hampi have short listed as a part of the UNESCO heritage sites. Apart from the pilgrimage centers and forts and palaces there are an array of market streets, bastions, aquatic structures, royal pavilions and many more. There are numerous ruins of the sacred places and monuments that are maintained here and are valued to watch, they are the Vithala temple, Ugra Narsimha, Queen’s Bath, Hazara Rama Temple, Lotus Mahal, Achuta Raya Temple, and many more. All the above mentioned temples and mahals are the major attractions that one should see while on trip to Karnataka state. Accommodation is not a problem here because there are several hotels, lodges, and lot more to stay in Hampi.

The Hoysala Empire was the most prominent ‘South Indian Kannadiga kingdom that ruled majority of modern Karnataka state during the earlier period of 10th and 14th centuries. The capital city of Hoysalas dynasty was originally situated at Belur, but later on it was moved to the town of Halebidu. They defeated and conquered various regions and some of the forts and palaces that were made by other great kings. After ruling for 250 years, they built a marvelous temple that is located in this place. The Hoysalas were more interested in trade of art forms and architecture instead of their military conquests. The quick and energetic temple constructed during the rule of this kingdom was highly skilled and striking despite continuous threats from the Seunas Yadavas to the north and the Pandyas to the south.

The architectural style made by the Hoysalas, is a consequence of the Chalukya’s Western style and depicts dissimilarities to Dravidian influences. The amazing architectural style made by Hoysala is portrayed as the ‘Karnata Dravida,’ as it is marked from the Dravida traditional. The enthralling temple is considered to be an independent beautiful architectural style with the reflection of tradition with various unique features. If you notice, there are some common association connection between the architecture of Maru-Gurjara and also the architecture of Hoysala Temple. In both of these magnificent architectural styles, the main attraction is the excellent sculptures that are engraved on the outer and inner wall surface. They are noteworthy to visit while exploring in Hoysala Empire of Karnataka in India.

The main feature of the Hoysala’s sacred temple is the architecture that seeks the attention of voyagers that hail here to witness this place. The exquisite detail and also skilled craftsmanship by the artisans has attracted a large number of crowds. The most spectacular feature to see at this temple is the tower that is placed at the top of the religious temple, which is known as shrine (vimana). The tower is elevated and is delicately done with complex carvings with some of the floral and motifs designs that are elaborately carved with detail on it. The beautiful design is carved on the base of this holy shrine along with the musical projections and recesses are accepted through this tower and are decorated with different floral motifs. The Hoysala temple is adorned with various marvelous sculptures that replicate the stress on delicacy and the craftsmanship that is focused on depicting the feminine beauty, physique, and grace. To build the Hoysala temple, the artisans have achieved with the success by using the Soapstone that is Chloritic schist material. It is a soft stone that is used as a basic for sculptural and building material.

Badami cave temple is another major attraction if you are looking for some of the archaeological sites in Karnataka state of India. It is the oldest caves that are carved on the steep hills in Badami City. It is the capital city of the Chalukya Empire which ruled Karnataka state from many years around 6th to 7th century. After conquering in various battle and wars, he built small cave temples that are carved on the red sandstone of the hills. When you visit this place, it is beautifully surrounded with the natural beauty of cascading fall, lush green forest, stunning hills and mountains, and many more.

There are total four caves that are devoted to their deities of Hindu religion. Among all the four, three are dedicated to Lord Shiva and the fourth one is marked as a Jain temple. The cave temples that are carved from the red sandstone rock that is from the hill which is nestled here. The caves here are too deep and long, which is adorned with the amazing sculptures, motifs, and images of god and goddess that are placed in the temple. These cave temples are embellished with various beautiful sculptures, designs, and other carvings that seek the attention of voyagers. All the four Badami cave temples are well connected to other by flight stairs.

It is the most amazing archaeological site in Karnataka state that draws a large number of tourist herds from all around the world.In India, besides all the monuments in Karnataka, the cave temples are one of the best examples that showcase the architectural style of Chalukya Empire. It is the noteworthy tourist destination to watch while exploring in this state. Excluding the fourth cave temple, you can see sculptures of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva that reside here. While in the fourth cave, an idol of Mahavir is placed with the serpent at his feet. Originally, the construction of this modern architecture is initially designed by the great Kingdom of Chalukya.

These are some of the famous archeological sites that are preserved in Karnataka state of India, which is renowned for its rock cut carvings. In case, if you are planning to tour south India (Karnataka), make sure you explore this place in your next vacation. They mainly reflect the tradition and religion of Hinduism that the great king and his dynasty belong to and are also famous for architectural sculptures.

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