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Famous for : Has a Vithala temple in Ugra Narasimha

Main Languages : Hindi, English and Kannada

Population : 930

STD code : 08394

When it comes to visiting historical places in India Hampi in Karnataka is known for drawing huge crowds. This city was built sometime in the 14th century during the Vijaynagara Empire. Hampi is located about 350 kms from the city of Bangalore in Karnataka. It is known as the Land of surprises and is a symbol of might and wealth of the Vijaynagara Empire. Hampi was made the capital of the Vijaya Nagara Empire because it was a strategic location and was bounded by the torrential Tungabhadra River on one side and by defensive hills on the other side.
In recent times the Ruins of Hampi have been listed under the UNESCO heritage sites.

Hampi attracts scores of Tourists from all across the globe. The boulder strewn hills of Hampi make it very unique. The city consists of an array of 500 temples and the beautiful temples and basements of the palaces as well as the aquatic structures, market streets, royal pavilions and bastions make it practically endless.

Vithala Temple : The Vithala Temple is now listed as a world heritage monument and is situated just 2 km away from Hampi Bazaar. The temple’s an incredible sculptural work and is an epic symbol of the Vijaynagar Art. The temple also features an ornate stone chariot which has an image of Garuda. The outer pillars of the monument are called the musical pillars reverberate when tapped.

Ugra Narsimha : This temple is 6.7 m tall monolith of Ugra Narasimha which is situated in the south of the Hemkuta group of temples that includes the Virupaksha temple. Lord Narasimha is seated on a four armed figure which is on the canopy of a four headed snake.

Queen’s Bath : The Queens bath is a citadel which is located to the south of the Hazaara Rama temple and is at the foot of the Matunga temple which is the longest street laid out by the Vijayanagara temple.

Shivalinga : A huge Shivlinga is located near the Narasimha Figure. It is about 3 m in height and stands permanently in water that gushes out through an ancient channel.

Hazara Rama Temple : The temple has been built on a rectangular complex which is located at the epicenter of the Royal palace.
Lotus Mahal : This is a graceful two storeyed pavilion located in the zenana enclosure.

Achuta Raya temple : The Tirvengalnatha temple has been built on the rein of the Achuta Deva Raya temple. The walls of the temple consist of ancient sculptures that exude sensuality.

Accommodation :

There are a number of Hotels where one can stay in Hospet.

Hotel Mayura in Vijaynagar the Tungabhadra Dam in Hospet.

Hotel Malligi in Hospet.

Hotel Mayura in Kamlapur and Hampi.

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