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Karnataka Places to see BIDAR

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Location :

Languages : Kannada, Urdu, Hindi & English

Major Attractions : Bidar Fort, Chaubara, Gagan Mahal

Best Visiting Time : Months between September and February

The majestic ramparts of Bidar overlooking River Manjira are the pieces of excellence and seem to talk about the ancient grandeur of the dynasties of which it was once a part. The splendid fort that carries the same name as the place itself welcomes you with its multiple gates. It is also the center of several religions like Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.

History :

Bidar's history is quiet fascinating. The place was ruled upon by Bahamani rulers in the 15th century. In fact, it was the capital of the kingdom. The city was one of the most prosperous places of Southern India. Later it became a part of Hyderabad's Nizam and remained so for at least 200 years. When Hyderabad became part of India, the city was also amalgamated. The linguistic partition of the state resulted in Bidar becoming part of Karnataka.

Attractions :

Bidar Fort :

Constructed by Ahmad Shah in 1428, this massive fort was built amongst the lovely landscapes. Snuggled inside the fort is a small town that has ruins of royal baths, bastions, and pleasant pavilions. The fort is made of laterite and is protected by a moat wall. There are, in total, 7 gateways that are part of this ancient wonder.

Shara Darwaza :

As you will look at it, its walls are covered with painted tile works. The rooms at the top were used as "Naqqar Khana" or the place for accommodating musical instruments.

Gumbaj Darwaza :

This entrance of Bidar Fort is built in Tughlaq style of architecture. Here you will notice a triple moat that is visible in the right direction.

Nanak Jhera :

This sacred Sikh place is frequented by millions of pilgrims every year. Big fairs are organized here three times in a year, on the occasion of Dusshera, Holi, and the birthday of Guru Nanak. It is believed that drinking the water flowing down from a nearby hill will cure many diseases.

Royal Kitchen :

These were commonly called "Shahi Hamams". Now these are replaced by a museum where sculptures related to Hinduism have been placed in the interiors.

Rangeen Mahal :

This colorful palace is a brilliant example of the carvings of ancient period. This 16th century structure was erected with black stone. Earlier the walls were ornate with colored tiles and brackets many of which are still visible.

Gagan Mahal :

Another attraction at Bidar fort is Gagan Mahal; the construction of this exclusive temple was started by Bahmani rulers; later renovations were made by the kings of the dynasty Barid Shahi.

Tarkash Mahal :

The rooms of this palace were occupied by ladies of harem and guards.

Mehmood Gawan Madrassa :

Another attraction of the place is the madrassa and was, during the glorious period, a famous center of learning. The disciples from all over the Muslim community across the world used to visit this place. Yet another site of interest here is Narsimha Zarni Temple, a site nestled inside a cave.

Solah Khamba :

Built in 1327, this mosque was an important religious center. Characterized by 16 pillars, the mosque was renovated and extended on a large scale many years after its construction. Its most striking feature is a dome that has been erected on a circular drum.

Papnash Temple :

This sanctified place is linked to Lord Rama who is supposed to have arrived here after slaying the King of Lanka, namely Ravana. In order to commemorate this significant visit by the deity, a temple was constructed here. As per a belief, the killing of the king earned Rama a sin as Ravana was an avid devotee of Lord Shiva. The construction of Papnash Temple is considered to have purged the sin of Rama.

Girija Farm House :

Come to Bidar and never leave the place without visiting the vast mango plantations developed by a social reformer B.S. Kudre. The exportation of mangoes and grapes to countries like UK, US and several others takes place from here. The site is a great place for the agriculture and horticultural scientists and the research workers.

Excursions :

The excursion to a town named Basavakalyan that lies at 80 kilometers from here will let you relax amidst enchanting surroundings. Earlier a prominent learning place, this city was occupied by a number of sages and learned personalities like Basaveshwara, Siddhaarama, and Akkamahadevi.

Accommodation :

All types of accommodations are available at Bidar. Depending upon your preference and money constraints, you can book either 5 star hotels or just look for the more modest options in the form of budget hotels. Some of the hotels that are worth mentioning here are Hotel Kaveri, Mayura, and Kailash. A tourist hotel by the name of Basavakalyana is present on the Bus Station Road.

Bidar is a historical place and is a treat for those who are planning to spend their vacation in some off beat location.

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