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Karnataka Places to see BELGAUM FORT

Situated at : Bangalore


Major Attractions : Temples and caves


Best period to visit : From September up to March


The Historical Beauty :


Belgaum Fort belongs to the oldest monuments from Karnataka which is situated in the heart of Belgaum. This fort was built by an ally that belongs to the Ratta Dynasty named as Jai Raya during the 13th Century. It was constructed with the help of stone and mud.


Yakub Alu Khan who belongs to Bijapur Sultanate took the possession of the fort and constructed the huge wall, battlements, parapets and the bastions. This is totally surrounded by a very deep moat.


This beautiful monument is decorated with past history with the pride inbuilt in its temple and mosques. The entire construction developed here was under the Vijay Nagar Emperors, Rattas, Marathas, Bijapur Sultan along with the British.


The British imprisoned Mahatma Gandhi in Belgaum fort. All the monuments erected here were constructed in the period of the 13th century.


The Mosques, The shrines And the Bastis :


There are two shrines in the entrance dedicated to lord Ganesha and the other to goddess Durga. The fort has two ‘bastis’ constructed in the old style of Chulukyan. The most famous of all this construction is the Kamala Basti erected in 1204 AD. Jain temple is situated in its right side which is not in a good condition today. Among the two mosques, Safa Masjid which lies inside the fort is a major attraction and it is counted amongst the best mosque of the city.


The fort has minars, arches points and the huge domes blended with the two different styles, one is Indo-saracenic and the other one is Deccan Style of architecture. The wooden doors and the staircase show the beautiful carvings. There are two pillars in the form of circular pillars situated in the Jamai Halls are believed to be the form of old temples.


You can feel the essence here in this fort. Many of the pillars are designed with Kannada inscription which is written in Nagari Script whereas the other script in the form of Persia forms the amazing calligraphic decoration.

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