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Karnataka Places to see CUBBON PARK

Cubbon Park nestles in the middle of Bangalore City and is known to be one of the largest parks in the city of Bangalore.Cubbon Park is an important landmark and also contributes in not just being a recreational area but also a Scientific, Cultural Institutions, Government Building and a Historical Monument.

Down the Ages :

The Cubbon Park was founded in the year 1870 by (Sri John Meade) and was planned by a renowned engineer Mr. Richard Sankey who was also the chief engineer of Mysore.Formerly this park was known as the Meade’s Park as it was a tribute to Sir John Meade. This park is presently maintained by the Horticulture Department.

Flora :

This park nestles over an area of 300 acres and is filled with shaded groves, huge expanse of greenery, flowering plants and towering trees. This park contributes a lot to the environmental balance of the city and also provides huge tracks for all the joggers. The fresh air and the mystic beauty of this park is really charming. Luscious green landscapes and motorable roads inside the park invite you inside these park.Many unique botanical genera and species grow here. You can witness more than six thousand trees and plants over here. In addition, there are also many flowering and ornamental plants both indigenous and exotic are found in Cubbon Park. Silver Oak also known as Grevillea Robusta which are said to be the first oak in the country were imported from Australia are still found here.

Statues :

The statue of Queen Victoria is mounted at the (North western point).The statue of Major General Sir Mark Cubbon is located close to the balcony garden. You will also find statues of Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar and Rajya Dhurandhara Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer.

Band Stand :

The bandstand at the Cubbon Park has many old and sweet memories attached to it. This marvelous structure is octagonal in shape and was used as a musical and dance ground amongst the crowd. Renowned artists and dancers have performed here.

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