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Karnataka Places to see BABA BUDAN HILL STATION

At a Glance :

Region : Karnataka state, Chikmagalur's northern part

Altitude Location :
About one thousand two nine hundred twenty six meters

Peak Point : Mullaiyanagari

Popular For :
Plantation of Coffee

Baba Budan hill station
of Karnataka is situated on the northern side of the Chikmagalur village. This hill station is also famous by the name of Chandra Drona Parvatha, from the historical times. Among the Nilgiris and Himalayas Baba Budan range's peak is one of the top peaks. The ranges of the Baba Budan is highest about one thousand eight hundred ninety five meters from the Baba Budan Giri; this is located about twenty eight kilometers on the Chikmagalur village's northern side. Among these ranges, Mullaiyanagari is the highest peak range; the height of this range is about one thousand nine hundred twenty two meters. A bonfire is usually lit  at this place, during the Diwali festival, you will able to see it from the Chikmagalur village. The name of the peak derived from the Muslim sage's name that is Baba Budan. This spiritual Muslim sage inhabited at this place for more than one hundred and fifty years  During that time, he grew coffee through the seeds, which he had stored from Yemen.

Major Attractive Spots :

Waterfalls :

Here you will get an opportunity to get a view of the waterfalls. There are 3 waterfalls, which are connected with epic like Nallikayi Theertha, Theertha and Kamana Theertha. As per mythology, Gada Theertha was also made through the initiative of Bheema Prince. He made it by his gada, to get the water for his mother while deporting from that place.

Caves :

Baba Budan hill station is also rich in archeological structures, because it has 3 big caves. These caves are believed to be sacred by the three siddhas. This has those siddha's gaddiges and icons. Every year a Jatra is organized at this place, in respect of those Siddhas. Because of its religious importance, this place became a center of pilgrims. The Seethala includes matha and double shrine temple, which has been dedicated to Seethamala Mallikarjuna.

Ritual :

Devotees take a bath at this place within the Nellikayi Theertha. This was created by a waterfall known as Manikya Dhara.

Visit :

If you are going to Baba Budan hill station by rail then get down at Shimoga rail head, this is a closest railhead.

The closest airport is Mangalore, if you prefer air journey.

Baba Budan hill station is very well linked with the close areas, this place has nice motor roads.

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