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Karnataka Places to see KUDREMUKH HILL STATION

At a Glance :

Region : Karnataka state, Chikmaglur village's south west side about ninety five kilometers.

Outings : Gangamoola

Located At : One thousand eight hundred ninety four meters, over sea level

Languages Using : Hindi, Kannada and English

This hill station is a very unique place of this state. This hill station looks like a horse face. Village called Chikmagalur is about ninety five kilometers away on the southern west side. This hill station got this name, because of its horsy look. The huge hills of the mountains are joined to each other through the sudden precipices and bottomless valleys. This hill station is not really popular among the tourist, that’s why it is not a crowded place. Kudremukh hill station is a withdrawing place, which is totally decorated by natural ornaments. Spending a whole vacation at Kudremukh is the best thing, because living within pure nature is a golden opportunity. The natural ornaments of this hill station are densely verdant forests, scarce orchids, captivating flows and steep slopes etc all these features offer an amazing look to Kudremukh hill station. This is a favorite and ideal location of the trekkers, because of the rich fauna and flora. it is located about one thousand eight hundred ninety four meters, over the sea level.Some of the portion of land contains rich iron. The mining operation has been practiced by the Kudermukh Iron Ore Company. The transportation of the iron is done through a pipeline, which takes this iron to Panambur, it is close to Mangalore. This stored iron has given liveliness to this part and it has transformed the remote area into a modern city, but all this happened without touching or destroying the real natural beauty of this place.

Outings :

Jamalabad Fort :

Your visit to Kudremukh hill station would be very enjoyable and worthy because of the pleasurable atmosphere, you will also get an opportunity to visit other beautiful spots located in the surrounding area. Here you can see the Jamalabad Fort. This fort is popular because this was constructed by Tipu Sultan; this emperor was known as Mysore's Tiger, during the 1794. Jamalbee, fort was renamed after Tipu Sultan's mother.

Gangamoola :

Gangmoola is a hill, which has been bounded by dense forest area. This comes under the Chikmaglur district. Rivers like Bhadra, Tunga and Netharavathi are connected to Gangamool hill, because it is their origin location. there is small shrine, which has been dedicated to mother Goddess Varaha and Bhagavathi. There is an image of a deity in the cave; the height of the image is 1.8 meter. During the monsoon season, you won't be able to enter inside the cave.

Visit :

This hill station is very well connected through road to the places like Mangalore, Chikmaglur and Sringeri.

You can reach there by rail; Mangalore is the closest rail head.

Stay :

There are many accommodation options where you can stay and enjoy your vacation such as guest houses of Horticulture Department, Planters court, PWD guest houses, Woodland, Naveen lodge and Quality Inn etc are the accommodation facility offering places.

Climate :

As per the season, it gets change; Healthy & calm weather in the entire year.

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