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Karnataka Places to see KARNATAKA INFORMATION

Fast Facts :

Situated : Southern Part of India, India

Known For :
its exquisite uniqueness and rich cultural blend

Best time to tour : During Rainy season as the greenery is breath takingly beautiful

The state of Karnataka is one of the four which is placed in the southern direction of India. Bounded on the west side by the Arabian Sea, Karnataka is bordered by the states like Tamil Nadu, Goa, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Karnataka has 3 major sections: coastal plains adjoining the sea; Western Ghats consorting equivalent to the coast; and inland plains of Deccan Plateau. One of the developed states of India, this state also manufactures Ninety percent of India's total amount of gold, approximately sixty percent of its sandalwood products, raw silks and coffee.

History :

The past facts of this state make it one of the invaluable arenas as archaeological findings in this state have discovered axes of the Paleolithic Age. The cultures of Megalithic and Neolithic era play a very significant role in building the culture of this state. Study says that the precious gold, which was utilized by the Harappan people, were carried from the expensive gold mine of this state.

Prior to the Fourth century, Karnataka state was ruled by the Nanda Empire. The state of Karnataka has seen many rulers like the Kadambas, the dynasty of western Ganges, Satavahana etc. The prominent rulers like the Chalukyas and Cholas have left a great significance in the form of temples and paintings. Religious virtues also accomplished a great stature with the construction of many beautifully carved places of worships. Slowly after numerous changes of hand, Karnataka ultimately went underneath the rule of a courageous King Hyder Ali who was joined by Tipu Sultan, his son who feted himself as powerful ruler in the history of India by his persistent victory. The empire of Mysore, which was guided by the powerful Tipu Sultan, gave a tough time to the battalion of British Soldiers. The war of Anglo Mysore was one of the biggest war that was faced by the state of Karnataka. This war took the life of the land’s beloved King, Tipu Sultan.

Revolution aroused in the state of Karnataka by the start of (1857) that led to severe fight between the freedom fighters and the Britishers for the Independence of India.

Culture :

The abundant natural environs of this state have carved the artistic sphere of Karnataka extensively. The charming sight of nature persuades sense of creativity amid the residents of Karnataka and has achieved success in Crafts and Arts. The popular Bidri Metalwork is a beautiful bit of fine art, which is one of the most sorted arts in the world market. The center of Folk Art, Karnataka is a must visit when you tour this state as this place holds many exquisite collection of the past arts and the modern artifacts of Karnataka.

Language :

The main language spoken in this state is Kannada and is thus the official language. The birth of this language is said to be from the Dravidian Family. The Kannada Language is spoken by approximately Sixty-Five percent of the crowd. This striking and gorgeous state is a real dwelling place of Kannada.The language differs as you move deep in to the state of Karnataka as in some villages it is spoken in one way and in other village in some different pattern. Although Kannada is a very old ancient lingo and close to the ancient Sanskrit language, Prakrit and Tamil, The language of this state has got a regal touch.

Costumes :

The distinctive but customary costume fashion is one of the vital individuality of India. The state of Karnataka comprises of individuality contains uniqueness in its culture. The costume gives out an aesthetic touch to the whole appearance. Women wear saris and especially silk saris, as Karnataka is the centre of silk in the country. The silk varies from sleek chiffons, smooth silks and beautiful brocades. As Indian Saris are world famous, silk saris of Karnataka adds on the beauty of a women. As you tour around this state, the cities of Bengaluru and Mysore, the pattern of silk saris changes adding a modernized touch to the style of the saris. The incredible burnish, superior quality yarn & golden thread adds to the beauty of the sari at a all these elements take the value and beauty of the sari at a costly level. This factor adds up to the demand of the Karnataka saris in the world Market.

Climate :

Karnataka state is a damp state with the eighth position according to its area. This state is bordered by Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Some of the significant streams that this state possesses are Krishna River and Kaveri River, which is also a source of water to the population of this state. The climatic condition of this state is prejudiced by the timely Monsoon which commences in the June via South eastern winds and lasts till September. The coastal areas of this state, experiences approximate rainfall of 4mts.The rains of Karnataka is just beautiful as the blissful environment comes alive in its original form with a pleasant and cool climate. A visit to the Western Ghats is a must if you visit this state during the rainy season as this Ghat is gifted with ardent greenery and forests. Because of its God Gifted beauty and modernized touch, this state attracts hoards of tourists from all across the world. The rest of the year this state experiences tropical and hot and semi arid type of climate.
Cuisines :

The state of Karnataka is full of diversity and this reflects in their cuisine that consists of traditional and modern delights. The blend of different masalas and the traditional elements adds flavor into the food. The food of Karnataka gives a tinse of Maharashtra and other states as this state is bordered by the same state.
Few of the admired serving dishes comprises of :

Kadumbuttu, which is basically a form of Rice Dumpling.

Patrode, which is Colocaesia Steamed Rolls and at end assorted with smashed coconut masala.

Pandi Curry is a localized Pork Curry.

Akki Roti is crunchy rice rotis.

Transport :

This southern state of India has a long extended coastline with a well-developed transport facility. If you love to be by the side of water, then exploring this city is a must. The transport facility is very lucid it is very well linked with other states. Within the state of Karnataka, it is connected with mode of transport like buses, cabs, auto rickshaws etc. To improve and cheer the tourism in Karnataka, Karnataka State Tourist Development Corporation, is contributing buses and fleet cars to design your tour contented and happy.

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