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Karnataka Places to see CLIMATE

Fast Facts:

Region : Karnataka

Prime Affecting Factors :
Seasonal Monsoon

Climatic Condition :
It is a wettest part of India.

The state of Karnataka is one of the dampest parts of this country. It is the 8th biggest state in this country. Not only in area but this place in India is too enormous in population as well. Karnataka state is bound by various developed states such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Karnataka state's western and Eastern Ghats fence this state; these Ghats are the birth point of  a number of western and eastern Rivers. The very essential Rivers that flow from these Ghats are Kaveri, Krishna and these 2 River's tributaries. This state is also popular due to its rapid growth; it has become a complete developed state. Karnataka state's climate is influenced through seasonal monsoon that smoothens during the month ofJune from Southeast. Till the month of September, Karnataka's coast region experiences around four meter rain. During the rainy season, Karnataka state gets converted into its real and virgin look, this state gets colored by greennery with cool and a pleasant climate. If you observe the rain of Karnataka, you get to know that their rain falls in unbroken line over the state's palm fringed. Try to visit the western Ghat during this season; and you will be amazed by seeing the wide verdant forests. Due to its heavenly beauty, Karnataka state has become one of the beautiful and pleasant states of India. Karnataka states coastal region always live in hot climate along with extensive rainfall during the Monsoon season. If you want to enjoy the hot, dry climate, then during your Karnataka trip you must visit the coastal region. Northern Karnataka experiences semi arid, hot and tropical steppe climate.

During the start of October and until December, Karnataka enjoys the post monsoon weather. Try not to visit the God's city during the months of April till May, because in these months Karnataka wears it's hot & dry costume, so stay away from it. Till the month of June, the climate becomes harsher, and the humidity in the weather enhances by breaking all the barriers, this weather continues for three more months which are August, June and September, but during these months the humidity decreases for some extent. If you are planning to visit the cultural and peaceful state Karnataka then the perfect season would be winter season, because in this season you can enjoy each and every corner of Karnataka thoroughly.

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