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Karnataka Places to see COSTUMES

Fast Facts :

Region : Karnataka, India

Costumes of Women : Salwar suits and Sarees

Costumes of Men : Shirt & Lungi with Angavasthram

The unique but traditional costume style is one of the most essential uniqueness of India. Karnataka state contains uniqueness and culture in each and every aspect whether it is food or costumes. The traditional costume of this state is so unique that you can identify it very easily. This state's costumes comprise of saris; silk which are customary in this land. This state is renowned as the country's silk hub. The state of Karnataka has a huge range of Silk; it comprises wide varieties of smooth silks, gorgeous brocades and sleek chiffons. All these types of Sarees not just adorn a woman but it also enhances the beauty of  a woman and creates its own identity within the different parts of the country. When you explore this state, do not forget to visit Mysore and Bengaluru cities because you will be shocked to see the wide numbers of silk saris, because these two points are silk industry's epicenter that is located in the Southern part of India. The dazzling shine, fine quality thread & designs of gold thread all these elements take the value and beauty of the saree at a precious level; due to that not only national but international women give huge preference to Karnataka's silk saris.

Kanchipurram or Kanjeevaram silks that belong to Karnataka state's Kanchipuram will just amaze you along with its royal texture, elegant designs and bright fresh colors. Kachipuram's silk sari is a real hand work of Karnataka's talented and expert artists. Before using the silk thread, the artists first dye the thread into fresh and bright colors and later on they interweave the Jari in the yarn. The silk thread is actual zari that is intertwined along with slim sliver wire and later on, they glide it in pure gold. Shimmer elements are added by the Jari into the yarn. The actual element, which makes Karnataka's sari classic and elegant, is the silk thread. Kanjeevaram silk sari of Karnataka contains such a high prestige that it has become a bridal attire within this state. Amongst the rest of the famous items, one more essential and renowned form of sari gets ranking that is Mysore silk. Rich silk, lustrous zari and many more attractive things give an enchanting look to this royal sari. But this sari is not expensive than the highly luxurious Kanchipuram silk sari. Due to Mysore sari's affordable cost, even normal income people can buy it with the same rich look of sari. There are some more types of Karnataka silk saris such as Patola sari, Crepe silk sari, Valkalams, Arani silks, Chiffon sari and raw sari etc. saris can fulfill your soul. Within the state of Karnataka, the office going women majorly prefer to dress in Mysore crepe silk sari, because the weight of this sari is very light and women can handle it every easily. In the making of the Mysore crepe sari, the artist first completes the weaving part after that they dye the sari with bright and refreshing colors. If you want to see, the ethnic saris of Karnataka then Mokalmuru and Ilkal saris are the specialized cultural saris. Karnataka state believes in change, and as a result, are transforming their selves as per the change in time and not only they appreciate traditional attires but also they give preference to modern and the latest trend. If you visit the Bangalore City of Karnataka state, you will find many office working women and men working in comfortable professional costumes. On special occasion, men of Karnataka give lots ofimportance to their cultural costume that is Dhoti. At present, few males do wear rustic Panche, in their daily life. Karnataka state's traditional headdress is Mysore Peta. Even if Karnataka state has changed as per as the time, still the demand and the respect towards the traditional costume has not decreased, majorly within Karnataka state's women. The textile industry of Karnataka is on high speed, and it is growing rapidly. Karnataka state is a perfect example of fine mixture of tradition with current priorities.

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