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Karnataka Places to see CUISINES

Karnataka is a state which has a variety of cuisines grounded on traditional and special dishes of every community, The taste, flavor and the ingredient of the cuisine of Karnataka are very versatile and unique. It is a distinctive combination of different non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. You will find extensive diversity as Karnataka has a heavy influence of its neighboring South Indian States and Maharashtra.

Some of the popular dishes include :

Kadumbuttu : Rice Dumplings

Patrode : Steamed Rolls of (Colocaesia) mixed with coconut masala.

Pandi Curry : Traditional curry of Pork.

Akki Roti : Crispy rice rotis.

Karnataka Cuisine  :

The three main food items of this place includes jower also known as millets, rice and raagi.The traditional meal constitutes of rice served with huli made from(spices,chili,different vegetables, lentils, and paste of coconut),kootu,saaru(pepper broth),puri,papad,curd,pickles,kosmabari(vegetable and lentil salad).Meals are specially served on the muttuga leaves or leaves of banana. Flavored rice or Chitranna is also served up with lunch.

Breakfasts consist of food items like dosas, uppittu, (prepared from semolina), thatte idlis also known as flat idlis, kesari bhaath (sweet dish prepared from ghee, cardamom, semolina and sugar), Khara bhaath etc.Set Dosa is also one of the popular food eaten in the breakfast, it is basically a set of 4 dosas, the combination specially includes rava dosa and masala dosa.These dosas are served with sambar and coconut chutney. All these food items are relished over a cup of coffee, as it is one of the most loved beverages in Karnataka.

Typical dishes of this state include Davanagere benne dosa, ragi mudde, akki roti, kesari bhaath, saaru, uppittu, khara bhaath, bisi bele bhaath and bangi bhaath.Udipi is the place where the world-renowned dish of dosa emerged. Some of the popular dishes in south Karnataka include rava idli, maddur vade, Mysore masala dosa.Coastal Karnataka is popular for finger licking sea food whereas Coorg District is known for its amazing pork curries.

Dharwad pedha, Chiroti, Mysore Pak, are some of the famous sweets in Karnataka.

Regional Cuisines :

Regional cuisines include simple flavor of Northern Karnataka, fiery flavor of the Coastal Karnataka, Unparelled flavor of Kodava and the seasonal flavor of southern Karnataka.

Jowar and Wheat Rotis are mostly relished in the Northern part of Karnataka. You can also hop on some of the delicacies that include khadak rotti, thali peet, jolada rotti and many other delicacies.

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