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Karnataka Places to see HISTORY

The historical evidences of Karnataka make it a priceless place as excavations in Karnataka have made the discovery of Paleolithic hand axes. Subsequent cultures like Neolithic and megalithic period have also left their mark in Karnataka. Research says that gold used by the people of Harappan culture was imported from the gold mines of Karnataka.

Before the 4th century BC Karnataka was under the supervision of Nanda Empire and later it was taken within the territory of Ashoka. The land of Karnataka was ruled by several dynasties after the fall of Mauryan Empire. Satavahana, Kadambas and Western Ganga dynasties ruled this land and shifted the capital according to their preferences. Chola Empire’s prominence in the administration of Karnataka is also found from the annals of history. The empire remained in power from 990 to 1210 AD. The state also went under the rule of Chalukyas later. The region created milestones in literature during the reign of Hoysalas during the beginning of millennium. Spirituality also reached great heights as several temples were constructed during this period. Gradually after several change of hands the land eventually went under the rule of a gallant soldier Hyder Ali. He was succeeded by his son Tipu Sultan who distinguished himself as a potent ruler in Indian history through his bravery and persistent victory over the British invader of Karnataka. The kingdom of Mysore, led by Tipu Sultan, had been subject to several attacks by British. This led to a series of Anglo-Mysore wars. Tipu Sultan resisted the attacks of British is all the wars except for the fourth one in which he was killed. British invited Wodeyar dynasty to rule the kingdom of Mysore after slaying Tipu Sultan.

Revolution kindled the land of Karnataka again during 1857. During the time of sepoy mutiny several rebellions arising from Karnataka joined the national rebellion. During 19th century, numerous great freedom fighters made their way into the freedom struggle of India.

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