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Region : Karnataka

Belongs To : Languages of Dravidian family

Major Language : Kannada

Special Characteristic : One language among India's ancient languages

Karnataka state's language is undoubtedly Kannada, because it is an official language of this state. The origin of this language is connected to the ancient Dravidian family's language; almost 65% population of this state speaks in Kannada. This exotic and beautiful state is an actual abode of Kannada language, but still if you visit different corners of Karnataka, you will find differences in speaking style of Kannada. This regional language of Karnataka is dominated through the neighboring state's languages. Kannada language is one among the languages of Dravidian, and huge numbers of words of this language have been transferred from the great and holy Sanskrit language. Though it is an ancient language and close to Sanskrit language, Tamil and Prakrit, Karnataka state's language has got royal heritage.

During the ninth century, attributed Kaviraja Marga ancient work, has been created in the Kannada Language. If you see the ancient and historical inscriptions, you will find many Kannada scripts. Later it was developed and it became popular as Hale Kannada, and then Hosa Kannada. This historically essential language has borrowed many words from Urdu and Marathi, due to different outer world influences. Not only this but, even huge numbers of English words have been practiced in the vocabulary of Kannada that is prevalent in today's time, people are not speaking this English mix Kannada Language but they also writing it. Karnataka's great art culture has many talented poets; they have achieved many precious awards for their ultimate and amazing literary contribution. Within this state, even Muslim people communicate in Kannada language. If you go to Karnataka's Mysore City, you get to see wide numbers of Muslim, talking in Kannada. Some amount of population of Karnataka speaks in Tamil, Telgu, Tulu, Malyalam and Marathi. Here you will also hear Konkani and Kodava language, which is spoken in some parts of the state.

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