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Karnataka Places to see KARNATAKA MONUMENTS

Fast Facts:

Situated : Karnataka, India

Known For : alluring past and the artifacts.

Popular Monuments : Golgumbaz, Mysore Palace, Bangalore Palace etc.

Karnataka’s monuments provide a bounty to sightseers and devotees of the past. The monuments take the visitors to the magnificence and splendor of a former period .At present visitor’s stop over appeal,at these artistic monuments in the state of Karnataka which were constructed to serve precise point. If the citadel were constructed to be protected from the prowling opponents, the beautiful and majestic palaces were signs of the lavishness of the imperial folks.

The monuments of Karnataka have generated tourism business in their individual places. Tourists come from far-away places to witness their structural design and to explore into the bequests of the primeval realms. If a visit to this state is planned, do not miss Karnataka’s monuments. Trust me the alluring beauty of these monuments will force you to visit this place over and over.

Bull Temple :

Situated in the region of Basavanagudi, Bangalore, this place of worship is one of the well-known milestones of Bangalore City. The forename Basavanagudi factually translates to denote "The place of worship of Bull". Devoted to Nandi Bail, the devotee or the das of God Shiva. The Bull place of worship was constructed in the sixteenth century by Mr. Kempe Gowda.

Badami Caves :

Situated on an undulating rise atop a trip of approximately two hundred steps, Badami Cave place of worship compound has four primeval rock-cut caverns. Of the four places of worships, three of them are Brahmanical shrines while the 4th one is belongs to Jain caste.

Bidar Fort :

Initially constructed in the eighth century, renovated and strengthened, in the year 1428 by a Sultan named Ahmad Shah Bahamani. This fort swanks of a ruling existence in the landscape of Bidar.

Belgaum Fort :

Belgaum fortress is the main visitors pull over in the area of Belgaum. This place was feinted by many empires and, the fort has experienced many rulers and transformation throughout its survival.

Gol Gumbaz :

Gol Gumbaz, the popular mausoleum or the burial chamber of the 7th ruler Muhammad Adil Shah 1627 -56, of the dynasty of Adil Shahi. An excellent example of the Adil Shahi dynasty structural design, this huge crypt is a prevailing milestone of Bijapur.

Gulbarga Fort :

Massive Gulbarga fortress is one of the former instances of the exquisite Islamic architecture. The fashion of Islamic architecture was brought by Bahmani Sultanate in the state of Karnataka. The fortress was at first constructed by Maharaja Gulchand, liege of Orangal Kakatiyas.

Hampi Ruins :

This place was at a time, the major point for the superior Vijayanagara Empire. At present only ruins of forts and palaces are left .This city was discovered by Bukka and Harihara in the year 1336.Earlier this city was filled with markets,stables,baths,sacred place of worships,magnificient palaces, pavilions etc.

Lord Bahubali, Shravanabelagola :

One of the sacred Jain pilgrimage site, Shravanabelagola is identical with the massive monolithic figurine of Jain holy person known as Lord Gomateshwara. This temple of Shravanabelagola holds an important arena in Jainism inheritance of this state, and also as the mauryan dynasty’s founder Chandragupta became the follower of Jainism in the same place.Chandragupta died at a near by place known as Chandragiri.

Mysore Palace :

In the midst of its regal structural design and royal atmosphere, the Mysore palatial ground is the circlet gemstone of the city of Mysore, which is also called as the city of palaces. Authorized dwelling place of Woodeyar lineage, the Mysore palatial citadel was 1st constructed in the fourteenth century.

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