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Karnataka Places to see KARNATAKA MUSEUMS

At a Glance :

Region :
South India, Deccan plateaus

Attractive Spots for Tourist : Caves & temples

Capital City : Banglore

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of September - March

The museums of Karnataka state is like a picturesque book, in which all the ancient images of Karnataka state have been stored. Within the museums, you get to see the younger picture of Karnataka with graceful and an elegant look. All the antiques have been stored carefully within the museums. Apart from the artifacts and sculptures, which belong to the historical times of the state. the museums also showcase their traditional paintings.

Sri Jayachamaraendra Art Gallery :

This museum was constructed in the year of 1902. In actual, this museum is a palace of Jaganmohan. This structure is a symbol of enthronization occasion of Krishnaraja III. After many years, this historical palace had been transformed in the Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. this museum contains the royal collection of  sandalwood, antique furniture, ceramics, historical instruments, stone, ivory. This Sri Jayachamaraendra Art gallery is very interesting and exciting; here you also get to see the genealogical table, which was brought from the Mysore kings in the year 1399. This table had been colored into a leaf shape, in Mysore's art style.

Venkatappa Art Gallery & Karnataka Government Museum :

This museum has huge importance, because it is one ancient museum among other museums in India. This gallery was founded in the year 1866. This is a very inspiring house of Neo classical construction. This museum showcases the huge range of artifacts and sculptures, which belongs to the various periods of the state's history. This museum's painting department is popular as a Venkatappa art gallery. This displays the extensive storage of Mysore's traditional paintings. You can visit this museum at any day; it is open on all days, but not on Mondays. The visiting timing of the museum is between 10:00am till 05:00pm.

Rail Museum :

This museum of Karanataka was founded in the year 1979. This museum has the huge collection of  coaches and locomotives, which was used in the ancient times of Indian railways. This museum's Chamindi part displays the storage range of paintings, photographs, which are illustrative pictures of the historical railways. Here you also get to see the piece of resistance of Maharani's saloon, which belongs to the year of 1899; this also includes the dining car, kitchen and royal toilet.

Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum :

This museum got the name later on as Sir. Visveshwaraya. He was one of the greatest engineer of India among other Indian engineers. This real wealth of Karnataka state is actually a praise to this great engineer and his efforts, which brought the technology & science till the common man. This museum includes various departments as per the famous disciplines of science. The electronic department of the museum has different electronic experiments and also the history about the development of the telephone technology.

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