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Karnataka Places to see KARNATAKA PILGRIMAGES

Fast Facts :

Situated : Karnataka, India.

Famous For : Exquisite Pilgrimage centers.

Karnataka state is famous for its huge number of visitor’s, attractions and place of worship. Pilgrimage hub such as Udipi and Mookambika nestled in the (Western Ghats) provides a difference to the remains of the magnificent Vijayanagar buildings at Hampi. Hoysala place of worship marked an excess of complicated carving, and the olden places of worship constructed by the (Great Cholas), and Chalukyan places of worship adds to the disparity in style transversely to this state.

Places of Worships :

Halebidu :

A carvers dream dwelled in a rock.Hoysala Place of worship is a masterwork of the (Hoysala) structural design and carving.

Sringeri :

Vidyashankara Place of Worship is a splendid holy place constructed under the support of Vijayanagar kingdom.

Nanjangud :

Shrikanteshwara holy place at Nanjangud close to (Mysore) city is a respected center of adoration.

The Gangas, Hoysalas, Vijaynagari Empire and the Chalukyas added to its miscellaneous holy place approach seen in the structures of Karnataka.

Pattadakal :

3rd in the harmony of ancient Chalukyan fine art hub close to Bijapur has quite a few pointers in the fruition of holy place structural design.

Srirangapatna close to Mysore :

Significant center of (Tipu Sultan) preserve Ranganayaki and Ranganatha at the impressive Ranganatha place of worship.

Aihole close to Bijapur is one of the hub of early on (Chalukyan art). Durga place of worship is most likely the finest identified of the shrines here.

Virupaksha shrine at Vijayanagar :

Dates back to an era of (Krishna Deva Raya), preserve Pampapati or Virupaksha.

Subrahmanya, one of the seven respected (Mukti stalas) of this state and it preserves Subramanian also known as (Kartikeya).

Mookambika,( Kollur) :

Affluent in tradition and legend, this place of worship at (Kollur) is nearly connected with (Adi Sankaracharya).

Sravanabelagola :

Immense monolithic icon of Bahubali or Gomateswar is a recognizable view to those on tour to this state.

Belur Chennakesava shrine :

Discover the affluent sculptured prosperity of this very old Hoysala memorial constructed by (Vishnuvardhana) of the Twelth Century.

Udupi :

This is the residing place of (Madhva School of beliefs). The Balakrishna place of worship is one of the most visited sacred centers of this state.

Somnathpura :

Kesava shrine located at (Somnathapura) close to the city of (Mysore) is an eminent image of Hoysala painting.

Melkote :

Situated close to the city of (Mysore) is abode to the (Tirunarayana) place of worship and is a place of (Sri Vaishnava rituals).

Vitthala shrine at Hampi (Vijayanagar) :

Famous for its hallway is adorned with beautiful pillars, obscure materials and a stone horse-drawn vehicle.

Dharmastala :

Most sited sacred center in the state of Karnataka preserves, (Manjunatha) in the place of (Dharma), virtue & contributions.

Mahakoota :

An additional ancient Chalukyan place of worship painting storehouse and is situated close to Badami.

The Gokarna :

This olden Shiva shrine is an honored sacred site in the state of Karnataka This place is admired by the sacred anthems of the early Tamil holy men.

Chamundeswari Shrine :

Constructed at the sacred Chamunda Hills close to the city of Mysore this preserves (Chamundeswari) the custodial goddess of the Rajas of this city.

Badami :

The olden township of (Vatapi) was the main city of the former (Chalukyas). Presently called as (Badami ),has many places of worship from the 6th and 7th century.

Nandi hills :

Positioned close to the city of Bangalore, is abode to the Yoganandeeswara and Bhoganandeeswara places of worship.

Belur Chennakesava shrine :

Discover the past of the exquisite Hoysala memorial and have a look at its sculptured magnificence.

Talakkad close to the city of Mysore :

This primeval holy place at (Talakkad) close to the city of Mysore was supported by the (Chola Rulers) of the Twelth Century.

These were some of the exquisite collection of sacred Pilgrimage centres of the state.

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