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At a glimpse :

Location :
Karnataka, southern part of India

Place : Foot of Nandi Hills in Nandi village

Constructed by :
Chola dynasty

Established in : 1000 years ago

Devoted to : Sri Urga Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha

Main attraction : Shringi Thirtha pond

Facts :

Located in Karnataka, the southern part of India is the most famous tourist destination that comprises of various attractions. Karnataka is the land of gods and goddess; therefore, it is the most popular pilgrimage center where various Hindu deities reside. While exploring in this state there are various holy shrines that are worth watching when visited here. Amongst them, the most esteemed pilgrimage center is Bhoganandishwara Temple which lies at the foothill of the Nandi Hills. It is one of the major attractions which are situated in small Nandi village where the architecture was built in Dravidian style. While wandering in this enduring temple you can see various beautiful carvings that are worth watching. At the top of the stunning Nandi Hills, you can spot a beautiful temple which is dedicated to Sri Yoga Narasimha and Sri Ugra Narasimha.

The Bhoganandishwara Temple is the oldest holy shrine of Hindu religion that was constructed by Chola dynasty around 1000 years ago. This wonderful temple has an extremely large area which is known as ‘praakaara’ and also some of the ruins that are preserved even today. A large number of tourists from all around the world come to witness this alluring temple just to seek the attention of the people. Devotees who belong to Nandi village and other parts of India come to worship their Hindu deity and get blessings. The Bhoganandishwara Temple is bounded with small holy shrines which today are just ruins that belong from earlier period of time. This sacred temple is nestled in the lap of nature where the atmosphere is pure and peaceful where you can experience tranquility. Therefore, it is an idyllic place where very less amount of visitors comes to spend their day here.

The religious temple is beautifully carved with numerous different styles of sculptures and carvings that are valued here. Both on the exterior and interior wall surface carvings are engraved on the rocks that enhance this place more with glory. The rock cut sculptures are exquisitely carved and make it a major attraction in Karnataka. At the top of the holy shrine, the motifs and the floral designs gives a splendid look to the Bhogananadishwara Temple. While roaming in this place, you can also spot some of the other attractions that are placed within the premises of this temple. Beautifully carved chariot wheels in different floral designs and colors that are preserved here from the earlier period of time. Each and every pillar of the temple is delightfully carved with the sculptures of apsaras in different posture.

At the entrance of the temple, you can see a huge Nandi (bull) which is placed outside the temple facing towards the main door of this holy shrine. Besides this huge Nandi, there are other two small Nandi (bulls) just placed next to each other. As you explore more and more inside the Bhogananadishwara Temple, there is a massive extended square area where the base is filled with water. It is called as ‘Shringi thirtha’ pond which is located closer to Nandi Hills. This sacred place is not very famous as compared to other temples and pilgrimage centers in Karnataka. Surrounding the pond, there is a small mandap of rocks that are supported with erect pillars and also few steps that escort to the pond which lies in the downwards direction. This place is so calm and gives a pleasant feeling where you can relax in this cool breezing pond.

On the shringi thirtha, you can also spot some of the small holy shrines which are embellished with fine sikharas that were built from rock stone. During the summer season, the weather here is too hot to bear, since the temples are made from rocks they get extremely hot by the sun’s heat. Best time to witness this sacred place of Karnataka is during the month of winter season where the climatic condition is cool and pleasant.

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