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Karnataka Places to see GOKARNA

Fast Facts :

Placed :
Gokarna, District of (Uttara Kannada), Tamil Nadu, India.

Known For :
Mythological Temples and Exotic Beaches.

, a township in the state of Karnataka, placed in Uttara Kannada District. It’s located on the coastal side of a place known as Karwar and placed alongside Agnashini and Gangavali Rivers. The Forename Gokarna is resultant of two words, Karna and Go, and factually interprets to ears of a cow.

It is believed that God Shiva was born from a ear here out of an auricle of a small cow. Another believable cause for the designation of the area could be the topographic position. The place where this place of worship is situated is the meeting of Agnashini River and Gangavali River and looks like the figure of a small cow’s auricle.

The before time settlement of this province can be retraced back to the Brahmins. They got away from (Gomantak) to keep away from the forceful adaptation being carried out by the Portuguese and the Britishers. They came here and were established everywhere in (Gokarna) in the late fifteenth century and also were assisted by Maharaja Mayurvarma in resettling them. Maharaja Mayurvarma was also known as Kadamba Maharaja of that period.

The place of Gokarna was a division of Kingdoms like Sodhe and Vijayanagar before it was divided into the Konkan Region by Portuguese rulers. Gokarna too has a small number of legendary stories linked with it.

As it is to be believed, Ravana, following in receipt of the (Atmalinga) from God Shiva, clogged here meant for his dusk prayers whilst leaving for Lanka. Ravana was strictly inculcated by God Shiva not to maintain the powerful (Atmalinga) on land, because it would get set as soon as it stroked the land.

(Atmalinga) was an influential bludgeon and God Ganesha never wanted Ravana to acquire such an influential bludgeon, dreading devastation. Lord Ganesha came in camouflage, provided to clutch the (Atmalinga) and then kept the Atmalinga on the land. As a result Ravana, in tremendous annoyance, struggled hard to drag out the powerful Atmalinga from land, breaching it during the procedure. These portions then ensued in the founding of diverse place of worship in the township.

This not only a spiritual town, Gokarna is famous for its unending beaches. You will find numerous numbers of beaches nearby that have tiny shacks providing as small shops, modern eatery corners and accommodation.Kudle Beach, Full Moon seashore also known as Paradise Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Seashore, and Gokarna Beach are a number of the popular beaches over here.

The attendance of seashores here offers a hippie experience to the township while the existence of lots of places of worship make it a virtuous place, therefore generating a disparity that hardly any places encompasses in the earth.

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