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Karnataka Places to see KARNATAKA WATERFALLS

The state of Karnataka is blessed with a number of exceedingly beautiful waterfalls. Laced with enrapturing beauty, these waterfalls are a source of attraction to a large number of tourists. It is a thrilling experience to watch the beguiling beauty presented by these gurgling waterfalls. As water falls cascades from a height and touches ground, a thrilling scene is created and is delightful to be watched by onlookers. Most of the falls paint picturesque images and catch the fancy of the beholders. Waterfalls of Karnataka are lovely spots for picnicking and spending leisure time with near and dear ones.

Located near Madikeri, Abbey waterfall is a nice tourist spots. As its water bursts out rapidly, it appears to be in a hurry to touch the ground underneath, a splendid site is created. The growl of the water along with scenic beauty presented by cardamom plantations is worth-watching.

The most famous among the waterfalls of Karnataka is Jog Falls. Initiating from Shravati River, the fall is notable for a height (292 m) from which water drops down. Considered amongst the highest falls of India, Jog is a source of water to Mahatma Gandhi Electricity Station. The nearby attractions like Mupane and Hannermaradu are nice for those tourists who look forward to thrill and Adventure.

To the southern portion of Kodagu, another lovely waterfall is present, called Iruppu. Here, water makes a plunge into a cataract. A sacred place that shares its name with the fall is present in the vicinity. The water is believed to have magical powers to ward away all sins. A temple dedicated to Lord Rama is also present here. Bhagamandala is another holy spot that is present 39 kilometers away from the falls.

Distinctive for resembling a horse shoe, Gokak waterfall is derived from a river named Ghataprabha. Water gushes down here from an altitude of 170 feet above ground. The cliff from which water flushes down is built in the form of a horse shoe. The striking similarity of the falls to Niagara Falls of Canada lies in its speed, volume of water, and deep blue color.

Hebbe waterfalls are amongst those waterfalls of Karnataka that are known for their enchanting surroundings and pleasurable sites. A sacred Jatra done by the Pilgrims who arrive at a temple nearby is the main attraction of the place.

In a nutshell, we can say that Karnataka's waterfalls are nice spots for unwinding and spending some time amidst captivating sceneries.

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