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Kerala Places to see KAPPAD BEACH

At a glance :

Region : Kerala State, from the Kozhikode district about sixteen kilometers.

Major Attractive Feature : Trailing rock

Known By : Kappakadavu

Famous Feature : In 1498, Vasco Gama came here.

The memorable historical moment made this  beach very famous and unique, during the year of 1498, the known sailor Vasco da Gama landed in this beach. This beach is a part of India but in real, it had been founded by the Portuguese, on Kerala's coastal area. This known sailor also journeyed over Africa's costal region, through the ship. Vasco da Gama is a first sailor of Europe who sailed over the Arabian Sea. When he reached Kappad beach, he came with 3 ships and around one hundred and seventy manpower, he traveled for a number of weeks in the sea before he found this beach. At present , you can reach Kappad beach through air also. This beautiful beach is close to Kerala's Kozhikode. From the town of Kozhikode which is on Kerala's northern part ; the distance for Kappad beach is only sixteen kilometers, which can be covered by te car or any other vehicle. This beach looks like it has slept by taking a blanket of sand.

This graceful beach is also covered by rocks. This beach is a witness for such a great and historical moment, that’s why  there is a carved rock pillar in the sea of Vasco da Gama, as a memory of his visit,which looks like, it is telling every body about that ancient moment. This rock pillar was built in the year of 1498; today almost five hundred years are completed. Locally this beach is called as Kappadkadavu. There are plenty of characteristics of this Kappad beach. There is one very huge rock which came out of the sea at Kappad beach. The uniqueness of this huge rock is, there is an ancient old Temple that had been built, which is eight hundred years old. At every, beach of this state, you will surely get to see different and interesting characteristics. This beach is surely an essential historical beach but it is also blessed by natural beauty.

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