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Kerala Places to see MUDIYETTU

At a glance :

Region : Kerala Dance

Known For : Goddess Victory on the Demon Darrikan

Present At : Goddess Kaali's temple

This dance form is a spiritual dance which present some of the temples of Goddess Kali, situated in the districts like Kottayam and Ernakulam. This dance is a sign of victory of Goddess Kaali on the Daarikan demon. This form has been presented by the people like Marar or Kuruppu which is derived from the community Temple bound in the state Kerala. Mudiyettu is one of the forms of worshipping the Goddess Mother Bhadrakali. There are different styles in this state of worship. Lord Shiva's manifestation is Goddess Bhadrakali. Before the establishment of the shrine, this dance form was started. This is just not the worshipping of the Goddess or God; it is an art which gives opportunity to worship their respectful God. Lot of art forms are already removed. Only Mudiyettu and some other worshipping art are still in practice. This dance form is a spiritual entertainment for the people who come to visit the God and for Goddess Kali; it is a form of praying. There is not a real record which can describes the actual time or century of this dance form. The artists of this dance wear the attires like headgear made by wood and also the important mask which signifies the Goddess Kali.

This dance is all about the fight of Goddess Bhadrakaali with the 2 devil or Asuras, that were irritating the mankind and Devas. Their fight finished when both the devils were killed by the Goddess. As per the other dance forms, there is no such gesture and facial expressions used, all these are applied in the other worshipping dance forms. IWhen the  Mudiyettu started, it was performed with the speech. After some year, rhythmic steps were adopted by them on the place of speech and dance. Many People and also God liked the new format of this Mudiyettu dance. This dance becomes interesting and exciting, when watchers also take  part in the performance of this form. One character of this dance known Kooli makes the dance funny by a  comic action and speech. You won't get to see any characted like this in other worshipping art forms. The starting sequence of this dance form is also a bit unique than other art form. This type of art form of worshipping got a new way.

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