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Kerala Places to see EASTER

At a glance :

Region : Kerala

Popular For : Self-denial period of fifty days.

Held On : April

Honor of : Jesus Christ

Easter is one of the traditional and historical festival of Christian religion. This festival is rejoiced to honor the very essential principle of Christian religion. This festival is celebrated by millions of Christians over the world because this day is a renaissance of Jesus Christ. People consider it as a divine day which is a sign of conquest of life over death. In fact, it is the renaissance of Jesus that happened durig the fest of Jewish of neglect & though in the previous era Resurrection, Christianity and neglect were rejoiced by the Christians of Jewish on Nishan's 14th day (Jewish month). Afterwards, on Sunday Easter came in between twenty second March and twenty five April. The Easter Suday includes Jesus's Resurrection and death, Crucifiction and Passion's nostalgia. In Kerala also Easter festival is rejoiced by huge enthusiasm and energy as is rejoiced by other people over the world. In each corner, where followers of Christianity resi celebrate the Easter, even if the population if twenty three or thirty two million.

Within the Kerala state, Eater festival is divided into the 4 different periods beginning by Lent. In this period, Christian people fast for forty days in preparation for Christ's renaissance. After this, the divine week comes in which people follow Friday, Thursday, Sunday and Saturday. 3rd period of Eater is considered as 'Octave of Easter' which means the days of custom Baptism. The final Easter period is paschal season; the duration of this period is around forty days some times it extends. After the completion of these Easter periods, Christians arrange an event in which as per the tradition they wash the holy feet of the Lord, this custom is practiced to get everyone together and to articulate love for everyone. In majority of Christian houses, the very spiritual event of paschal is usually arranged. Later after supper, people cut the Cross cake in pieces, after that each piece of cake is dipped in the sauce and then served to the family members.After the Holy Thursday comes Good Friday that is considered as a sorrow day, on that day all the Churches of Kerala till the afternoon stay empty. All services practiced in the Churches are in the afternoon, particular aceribic drink is distributed among the people; this drink is made by vinegar and leaves.

On the next day is Saturday, this day is believed to be lamentation day. On that day not even one service is practiced for the entire day in the Churches. All the Churches of Kerala stand in total loneliness. During the night, at 10am, the Christians gather in Churches to rejoice the Easter Vigil. The entire Kerala state gets lit up, entire darkness runs away due to the glowing Church's candle; people express their feelings and fate through lighting the candles. This is a silent emotion that showcases renaissance. The sound of the Church's bells add melody in the whole silent environment of Kerala. The complete festival ambience becomes blissful. After that next day of Easter rises up. People celebrate it quietly; they don't show much excitement of celebration because it is a more of a spiritual day. This is day when all the members of the family come together and they visit neighbors and relatives. The special food of Easter festival is appam, for the Kerala's Christians Easter festival includes a grand breakfast. Appam is made with mutton stew or chicken, rice powder and steamed cakes and bananas. To wish each other, people say Hallelujah.

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