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Kerala Places to see ONAM

Fast Facts :

Celebrated in : Kerala

Significance : Harvest Festival of Kerala.

Held in : August/September

Duration : 10 days

Onam is also called as the festival of harvest and is a well known  festival in Kerala. A festival which lionizes a happy intermingles of reality and myth; Onam, for each and every Malayalee is like repertoire of Culture.

It carries back melancholy memories, on the folklore’s wings, of a long-gone era of Utopian’s prosperity, righteousness and equality, underneath the Mahabali’s supremacy. Centuries passed,years gone the folks of Kerala, regardless of their creed, color, caste unite mutually to greet their outdone king. Onam festival's tenth day comes in the months of August-September, corresponding with the commencement of the season of harvest. The Legend festival of Onam according to the belief of local people is the war which was fought between the demons and the gods, where the demons were on the winning side. Getting hurt because of the defeat the mother of Gods prayed to Lord Vishnu for the destruction of the King of demons, Mahabali.

Therefore, Lord Vishnu, in a Brahmin boy’s disguise, Vamanan, approached Mahabali and demanded him to donate him 3 land steps. The demon king completed the wish after that the Brahmin covered the two steps but couldn’t find a place for placing the third feet so came back to the king with the query of placing the third feet.

The king to accolade his word tendered his head as the 3rd step. Vamanan hard-pressed Mahabali profound the demon down into the earth. The lord was impressed by the king’s generosity and honesty and gave him a chance to visit his kingdom once in a year on a significant day.

To decorate the house on the occasion of Onam in Kerala, people create a big floral carpet that is known as Athappokkalam and they spread it in front of their house; Onam festival's 1st day means Atham till Thiruvonam the 10th day, it is a period of Onam festival, it is considered as a beautiful symbol of gesture to give a warm welcome to Mahabali King.

The government of Kerala organizes a Tourism celebration that is connected to Onam festival, in this celebration week they display Kerala's cultural gems. This festival vibrates with Boat Races, Carnivals, Feast, Music and Dance.

On this occasion  people prepare a special feast, they serve it on plain leaf, the feast has Kerala state's famous sweet dish Payasam etc. During this festival you will find this delicious dish in each house. Onam festival's spectacle & pomp showcases this state's enthusiasm towards the every delightful factor of life.

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