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Region : Kerala

Main Tourist Spots : Trivandrum and Kochi

Major Transport Mediums : Rail, Air and Road

Perfect Time for Visit :
Month of August and March

Kerala state is as much fortunate by nature as by the ancient political happenings. This state had experienced many activities of the politics in the past period. Kerala state has witnessed  several convergences of the outside powers, all those powers then adjusted in different corners of this state. The forts of this state are the memorial presence of those colonial powers, which looks like they are still standing fearlessly to tell about those past ruling empires. The forts which are witness to outside powers are the Bekal fort, Pallippuram fort, Palakkad fort, St. Angelo fort and Thalassery fort etc forts; which also showcase the dominance of the foreign architecture.

St Angelo's Fort :

This historical fort is located close to Kerala's sea cost which is around two kilometers away. St. Angelo's fort is  away from Kerala's town called as Kannur, it was constructed during the year of 1505. This fort was constructed by the great Sir Francisco Almeiyda. This person was the first Portuguese, who became  India's viceroy during that century. The maintenance of the St. Angelo's fort was done by the British Government. At present, it is managed by the archeological department of India.

Pallippuram Fort :

During the year of 1503, Portuguese made this fort. This fort is one of the earlier fort Architecture of the European monument. This oldest fort was made through the Portuguese empire. The major attractive characteristic of this fort is the Catholic Church, this is main part of the Pallippuram fort.

Bakel Fort :

This fort is very famous for its beautiful scenery, it has a very long and broad beach, and also a village, these two interesting factors made this fort more enjoyable and also very delightful. Because of the beautiful surrounding this fort has also got a charm. Among essential tourist's places, this fort is very important. Bakel fort is located on Kasaragod town's twenty six kilometers away. This charming fort was constructed in the seventeenth century by the Ikkeri Naikkan. This ancient fort refreshes the past life.

Palakkad Fort :

In the year of 1766, Mysore city's Hyder Ali built this fort. After some time, this fort  came under the hand of  the British Government, and they also renovated it. Palakkad fort was located at the center point of the town; this fort has a peaceful and fresh atmosphere. This peaceful nature of the fort remembers the guts and fearlessness. In the current period, Palakkad fort is secured and maintained by India's archeological survey. 

Thalassery Fort :

This fort is located in Kannur district, Thalassery town. This was built through the British Government's East India Company, during 1708. The shape of this fort is square, and the surrounding area of this fort is covered by massive walls. There are several tunnels in the whole Thalassery fort. The Fort's entrance door is very nicely carved, which quickly captures everyone`s attention.

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