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Kerala Places to see ANCHUTHENGU FORT

At a glance :

Region :
Kerala State, from town Thiruvananthapuram, about thirty six kilometers

Constructed By : East India Company

Constructed In :
Seventeenth century

Relevance : Over the Malbar coast, first trading station

The creation of the British Governmentis the, Anchuthengu fort. This historical fort is one of the attractive factor of Kovalam, the exact location of this fort is about forty kilometers from Trivandrum and from  Varkala, it is around twelve kilometers away. This British architectural monument was constructed by the East India Company. This British company was founded in the seventeenth century. During that time, East India Company was doing trade business with the Indian subcontinent and China. During that trading , their major center for trading became this Anchuthengu fort. This fort was their essential construction. Durin the colonial times, this major center of trade was developed, as per recorded history this fort was one of the earliest trading structure. The development of this fort was completed during the year of 1695. From that period, this fort is standing by being a hidden fortress. Within the fort area, there is a lighthouse, close to the fort, which was used in the earlier time, to give guidelines to the ships which were coming from Britain.

Historically this fort has essential information which happened in the earlier times. You will definitely find this fort very interesting through its architectural structure, which are witness to the British period. There are many structures, which signifies, how the British colony were managing the trading business. The different parts of the fort, includes some various construction differences; through which you feel the presence and influence of the British over this monument. Mostly people who are very interested in the architecture and history, those tourists visit this fort. But this monument is not less interesting  than any other beautiful Hill station, its just how you adopt the things. Visiting this fort is actually a perfect spot to observe the British architectural view. When you will walk into this ancient structure, you will get to see the earlier Dutch colony's funerary grounds in the surrounding area of this fort.

Not only, the Architecture of this fort mesmerizes you, but also the mood of the weather which gives slow waves in the air which again and again refreshes you, which actually give a relaxed feeling. When you roam in the Anchuthengu fort, you can also go to Anchuthengu town. This is a very small village situated on the beach area; this comes under the district of Thiruvananthapuram. This town has 2 churches and also a huge and broad beach area, here you can play volleyball, and enjoy the ambiance of the beach. After coming here you will wont face any issue with  accommodation , because there are numbers of resorts which are available here to serve you the best service with comfort.

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