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Kerala Places to see BEKAL FORT

At a glance :

Region : Kerala State, Bekal

Constructed In : About 1650

Constructed By : Sivappa Naik

Attractive Feature :
Kerala's Largest Fort

During your Kerala trip, you will realize one thing after visiting this Bekal fort is that, this is a very well maintained fort as compared to Kerala's other forts. This is a very essential monument of the Kerala state.This historical monument is located near the highway . There is a belief that, this Bekal fort was constructed during the year of 1650, through Ikkeri Empire's Sivappa Naik. After Sivappa Naik, it was handed over to Mysore's Hyder Ali and in the end to the British Government. Bekal fort has many impressive features such as the tower of observation, Sea side and also the common factor of  this historical monument is the underground tunnels.. All these interesting characteristics of the fort, can be seen in this fort. More than visiting or watching the fort, it is more important and amazing to feel the atmosphere of this old structure. Near this fort, there is a mosque, as per the ancient record, it was made by the Mughal King Tipu Sultan.

The feeling which you get when you touch this historical or ancient structure is very unique and pleasant which you don't get when you touch the new one. If you will see the fort from the outside , it looks as if this monument is sleeping from hundreds of years, having stored all the memories in its eyes. The landscape of this fort is refined, at the ground area, there is an endless grassland. Each and every aspect of this monument is perfect as the best tourist spot. This fort has covered about thirty five acres of area which is joined to the Arabian Sea. The maintenance of this ancient monument is handled by India's Archeological Survey. There are some attractive spots which are close to the Bekal fort.

Close Attractive Spots :

Aqua Park :

This is situated on Bekal fort's northern direction. This type of park is only in the whole Malabar region. Here you can enjoy boating, which is close to the Beach, known as a Pallikere. Many facilities are offered here to enjoy the trip like water cycling and pedal boats. You will enjoy and hav a lot of fun;just  like you are on a picnic

Pallikere Beach :

This is a very nice place with the silent waves of the water. This spot is continuously progressing as a tourists spot. Many aspects of this tourist spot has been recreated, you will get ample of relaxation. The surrounded scenery has the Bekal fort.

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