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Kerala Places to see PALLIPURAM FORT

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Kerala State, Ernakulam

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European Monument

This is one of the beautiful forts of Kerala . It is located on the Vypeen Island's northern edge. This Pallipuram fort was constructed by the Portuguese empire, during the year of 1507. People say that, this fort is the Europeans first fort, which was made in India. This fort is very old that’s why it is witness to the various fights which happened in between the Dutch empire and Portuguese. The shape of this Pallipuram fort is hexagonal, it also has 3 storeys, earlier this fort did not have any security, but now it has got protection.

This is the oldest monument of the Europeans, constructed in India. in the year 1661, this Pallipuram fort was under the rule of Dutch empire; but they also didn’t have this monument for a long time, because in the end they had to sell this fort to the Travancore, during the year of 1789. Within this fort, there is a catholic church, which is an essential place of the Christian People. This fort is very popular among the people of Kerala .

Near by attractions :

Dutch Palace :

This Palace was constructed in the sixteenth century, through the Portuguese empire. The actual location of this palace is Mattancherry, Dutch palace is also known as a Mattencherry palace. In the year 1555, this palace was served to the King of Kochi. After some time, this Dutch palace was captured by the British  empire. They extended this fort and also renovated it.

Jewish Synagogue :

This monument is the earlier house of prayer. The Jewish Synagogue was constructed during the year of 1586; by the Jewish community. The connection of this synagogue started from northern part of Kerala.

Fort Kochi Beach :

After reaching Kerala , don’t forget to visit Kerala's popular Kochi fort. Walking by the city's lanes is a perfect way to explore the Kochi fort. There is one small confusing village which was the first township of the European empire. Kochi is very popular for their various events and also its history which is very  colorful and interesting.

Bolghatty Palace :

This palace is one of the very famous spots of Kerala . This is very beautiful scenery island which is close to Ernakulam. This palace is also the construction of the outside colony that is Dutch. During the year of 1744, they made this palace. There are so many interesting places near the fort, which is beneficial for tourists; you get to see more and more beautiful spots, in less effort. So don’t wait more, and get ready to explore the nature surrounded state Kerala.

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