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Kerala Places to see ST. ANGELO FORT

At a glance :

Region :
Kerala, Kannur

Constructed By : Francisco Almeda

Constructed In :

Ancient Importance :
Military Base of British

This British fort is called by the name of Kannur fort. This fort of Kerala state is very huge which was constructed by India's first Portuguese Viceroy called Francisco Almeda. During the year 1505, this historical fort was built. During the present time, this historical memorial is in the hands of the Archaeological Survey of India .St. Angelo fort was handed over from many empires, but at the end it came to the British Government, this happened in the 1790. Even if, it was built by the Portuguese Viceroy, still the permission of the ruling empire of that time Raja Kolathiri was required. The ruling empire of this fort was again and again changing, it was handed over from the empire of Portuguese, to the empire of Dutch and in the end the major empire that was British. They made this fort as their main center of military, at the Malabar Coast.

The entire personality of the fort is huge, the walls of the St. Angelo fort are very impressive, it also has a big canal. You get the amazing scenery of the famous Moppila Bay, which attracts a number of tourists.The  Sea is very near from this fort but it has not immersed with the Sea water because of the strong and huge walls of the St. Angelo fort. You will also get to see the very popular island known as a Dharmadam, which is situated hundred meter away from the Sea Shore. The look of this island is fabulous, from the fort. Because of these interesting spots, at one time you will get a chance to visit more than one naturist spot. There is a bay which is well equipped by the all useful fishing harbor, and also with the new technology, which they need for the fishing business. Because of the perfect maintenance of India's archeological survey, this historical survey is still in good condition. Visiting this British monument is actually a great experience, because through this you will get to see the earlier Architectural view and construction of the British colony.

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