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Kerala Places to see THALASSERY FORT

At a glance :

Region :
Kerala State, from district Kannur, twenty two kilometers

Constructed By : British

Constructed In : 1708

Close Attractive Spots :
Rama Swami temple and Jagannatha temple

Thalassery fort of Kerala state was built in the year of 1708; it was situated twenty two kilometers away from the district of Kannur. This fort also belongs to the colony of British. This was the British Empire's center of military. The background behind the construction of this fort was , when during the 1708 century, East India Company of the British Government had started to settle their trade business at the Coast of Malabar; at that time they made this beautiful Thalassery fort.

The shape of this fort is square. This fort very strong and huge, the walls are very large, the doors of this fort are very nicely carved, and there are also some underground tunnels which indirectly connected to the Sea. The construction structure of this monument is very impressive. At one time, this fort was the real source of development of the Thalassery. The entire fort had been built on the rocky scarp, at the Beach area of Thalassery. In the year of 1683, the East India Company of the British came to this fort, but it got  hampered from the Dutch.Till the 1700, British constructed this Thalassery fort, over the tiny hill which is known as a Tiruvellapadkunnu. The height of this fort was increased by the British in the year of 1708. In the development of the Thalassery region this fort was built.

To reach this place, you can choose any mode of transport as per your convenience, because it is a very well developed location, connected with all modes. By air, you can land at the Thalaseery airport of that is in Karipur. From the district called Malappuram, Thalaseery fort is close, about ninety three kilometers. You can take a train and get down at Kannur railway station, this station is also near to the fort. Choosing the bus Transport is also nice, because it is well linked with roads, for the local traveling, on the roads of the Kerala, you can use buses of the KSRTC.

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