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Kerala Places to see ATTAPPADY

News to Use :

  • Location :  From Mannarkkad it is 38 kms away

  • Area : 827 sq kms

  • Main features :  The Gigantic Shivlinga

  • Important Tribes :  Mudugars, Irolas.

Attappady, Kerala, India :

Attappady is a beautiful and picturesque place situated in Palakkad district on the northeastern side and is 38 kms away from Mannarkkad. It is widely spread over the area of 827 sq kms that has the biggest ethnic settlement. The main feature of this place is the colossal Shivlinga. The main ethnic group here is Irolas and Mudugars.

Attappady has the largest tribal settlement which is surrounded on all the side which is covered with hilly flat landscape fed by tributaries of the river Cauvery.

There are many of rivulets of Bhavani River with the crown of the Ghat ranges which is located above a widespread mountain valley, which is occupied mainly by tribes and some people settling there who have come from Tamil Nadu.

A beautiful synthesis of forest, mountain and rivers it attracts many visitors from which the many people attracted towards it are anthropologists as this place has been habitat for number of tribes such as ‘mudugars’ and ‘irolas’.

The tribals worship the Malleshwaram peak as a gigantic Shivlinga and they also celebrate the Festival of Shivratri with great interest where number of people participate from near and distant places. They celebrate this festival by giving milk, flowers and sweets on Shivlinga and also they light the top of the peak.

This is one of the famous places where most of the people definitely visit when they go to Kerala. This is also famous among the local people and they usually come to this place to enjoy the view and the atmosphere of this place. The other famous places are Siruvani Drinking Water Reservoir, Silent Valley National Park. There is a highest peak in the district which is located here.

Accommodation :

There are not many options for accommodation. The PWD rest house is available for stay with some good facilities available and there are a few private hotels which offer accommodation with affordable price and some basic facilities.

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