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Kerala Places to see PAKSHIPATALAM

News to Use :

  • Location :  Wayanad, Kerala

  • Elevation : Around 1740 m above sea level.

  • Also Popular for : Trekking

  • Best time to Visit : September to May

  • Language spoken :  English, Hindi and Malayalam

Pakshipathalam, Kerala, India :

Pakshipathalam is located in the Brahma Giri Hills towards the north east of Thirunelli Temple and is just 7 kms away. This is one of the challenging spots as it can only be reached by trekking. It is said to be the Trekkers paradise which gives an amazing experience for the breathtaking and picturesque spots.

It is situated at an elevation of around 1740 m above sea level where one has to trek for almost 17 kms through the wild forest. This hill station has some best spots where beautiful birds can be viewed.

The profound rock caves shaped among the wide blocks of rocks at the crest of the northern side on the Brahmagiri is the adobe of different birds and wild beasts. There is a watchtower of the Bird sanctuary where one can view the rare species of birds.

If one wishes to go to Pakshipathalam then they have to take special permission to visit this place. The permission has to be taken from the forest department, then the PTPC – District Tourist Promotion Council makes the arrangements of the guides, vehicles, camping apparatus, to the tourists which is available on hire.

This hill station is famous among trekkers which is enjoyed and loved by them. This is also known as the  trekker’s paradise. The main Language spoken here is Malayalam and other languages like Hindi and English. Pakshipathalam is one of the spots which have been a challenge for the tourists which is loved and enjoyed. This place can only be reached by Trekking. Many people come here to visit this place but it is recommended that people who are new to trekking should come along with the group or other People who are experienced in trekking. This place is not for childrens or elder people, people who can trek only can go to this place as there is a lot of trekking to be done to reach this place. People who wish to go should take proper permission from the tourist department then only you are allowed to go ahead.

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