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Fast Facts :

Situated : Kerala, (India)

Acquired around : 600BC

Uses : herbs and medicinal Plants

Best time for the herbal treatment : June-September

Rejuvenating Therapy :


Time taken for the therapy : 14days or 1hr and 30min a day

This enduring therapy comprises of Contemporary special massages, Njavarakizhi, steam bath with herbal oil etc.The health programs are conceptualized to improve vitality, and vigor .This also helps in lightning the skin tone and improving the texture of the skin. With this enduring health programme, you can return to your evergreen youth.

Body Immunization :


Time taken for the therapy : 14 days or 1and a half hour


This is the total immunization therapy that comprises of the authentic panchakarma therapy and rejuvenation therapy, which changes from person to person. The concerned ayurvedic doctor will advise you the best suitable programme.This concerned therapy is programmed to strengthen the immune system. This results in a revitalized and rejuvenated health and also prevents from seasonal diseases.

Body Sedation :


Time taken for the therapy : 1hr and a half hour for seven days


This package consists of herbal steam bath and synchronized massage. This is done to improve physical consistency, decrease high blood pressure, improve eyesight, eliminate the impurities from the system, accelerating sound sleep. This therapy also helps to enhance the texture and complexion of the skin resulting in soft, glowing and shinning skin.

Body Slimming :


Time taken for the therapy: 1hr for 7 days


This package consists of a cryptic dry massage with the help of exotic herbal powders. This helps in reducing obesity, contributes in easiness of mobility to the joints, nourishes the muscles and rejuvenates the body.

Panchakarma :

Panchakarma as the name suggests is the usage of the five basic karma. This package consists of treating people using the five karmas. Varieties of herbal medicines are used for different procedures that depend from person to person. The ayurvedic doctor decides the type of herbal medicines and the procedures suitable for the patient after thoroughly checking the patient. It is not compulsory that the patient has to go through the five karmas. It is not recommended for the kids below the age of 7 and grown up above the age of 80.If this treatment is done properly then there is improvement in digestion of the body and clear intelligence.

The Panchakarma involves two processes:  Catabolic which means building up and anabolic which means reduction Medicated purgation (virechana), Medicated emesis (vamana), bloodletting (raktamoksha), nasal medication (nasya) and medicated enema (vasti) are the five procedures of purification for disseminating waste materials and accumulated toxins.


The Climate of this state, enduring natural beauty and the monsoon are the appropriate constitute that is suited for the ayurvedic treatment available here. It is always best to acquire treatment that best suites the body type.

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