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Kerala Places to see CLIMATE

At a glance :

Region : Kerala

Prime Elements Affecting on Climate : Western Ghats & Arabian Sea

Climate : Composed climate which changes as per the seasons

Perfect Visiting Time :
Month of September and February

  Kerala, the state blessed by the Nature God; a first thought which comes in our minds, when we think about the Kerala state. The entire state has been bounded by the Arabian Sea's immaculate water. This state experiences different climate conditions which changes season by season. The essential climate zone of this state created because of the Western Ghats, these Ghats have been situated on east side of the Kerala. This arrangement of the nature did a noticeable change in the climatic zone of this place. Kerala state's climate has been divided into 3 different sections. This state experiences the summer season during the month of March and May, monsoon starts from the southwest, and the start of the monsoon in this state is in October month. During the February, the monsoon season gets wrapped up.

  The temperature of the Kerala makes difference with the seasons; even in the Monsoon season the temperature of the Kerala is go on high. It is very scarce, when the Kerala state's temperature goes down to eighteen degrees. The overall climate of this state is pleasant and warm and as per the season people experience the rain. From the month of September till the February the weather of this state is pleasant and this is a particular season period when huge numbers of tourists come to Kerala state. You will feel very humid and warm in the summer season, because at this season, the temperature of this place is around thirty three degree celsius.

Rainfall :

  This state's land has been blessed by the pleasant rainfall. The average monsoon is about 54% till 85% falls in this state. This state experiences the two seasons of rainy season such as monsoon of north east fall in the month of October - December and another season is southeast monsoon, it is also called as Edavappathi which comes in the month of June and September. The state straightway exposed to the monsoon of southwest but still it receives the reverse rain. The average of the rainfall is about eight hundred eighteen inches. Within the middle of the month October, the northeast side monsoon gets start, in February month's end this monsoon ends. The average  rainfall of this state is about three hundred eighty centimeters. The end point of the northern Kerala experiences one hundred eighty centimeters rainfall. The number of average rainfall is decreasing from the south. The month of July experiences heavy rainfall, it had been the record in, which continuously twenty five percenthis part of the Kerala experiences the rain. Neriyamangalam has experienced the maximum number of the rain that is about one hundred four centimeters, this comes in the Ernakulam district. In every season, the beauty of Kerala gets better, that’s why visit this state and taste environment of this state.

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