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Kerala Places to see COSTUMES

Kerala is one of the heritage and cultural states of India.Kerala is also known for its highest literary rate, development, golden Beaches, awesome backwaters, gurgling seashores with lush green and smashing surroundings. The culture of this rollicking land is the coalition of Dravidian and Aryan influences. This influence was further elaborated by merging with the distant regions and abroad cultures.

Majority of the population of this state is Hindu, as well as there are many communities of the Christians and Muslims. Malayalam is the functionary language of this state but many of them do speak English. The crowd of this state is quite traditional and simple, that is pondered in their wearing. Generally, both women and men are dressed in white and off white apparels. The traditional costumes of this state include Neriyathu and Mundu.

Women’s Costumes in Kerala :

The traditional costume of Kerala-Neriyathu and Mundu is a 2-piece costume, which is specially worn by Malaya lee Hindu women.Mundu is a off white or white piece of cloth which is joined with golden jerried border known as Kara that shows royalty.Mundu is an unique outfit which is placed around the shank and flowing down to Feet.Mundu is made up of hand woven fabric made up of cotton, so this is quite comfortable to rest in the summer season.Neriyathu is a specialized upper attire which is worn over the blouse and one of its end is inserted in mundu and the other end is worn over the body. This attire is placed as a saree in a diagonal manner.

The traditional dress of the other Christian women include blouse also known as chatta and mundu.They wear Mundu which just looks like a fan and is placed on the back. The outfits of the Muslim women is pretty similar to the one which they wear in other parts of the worlds that includes Burqa (long black or blue outfits).They cover their whole body including their head with a scarf or a kerchief. The traditional outfit of Kerala is nowadays being old fashioned, only a part of the Culture and are worn in cultural event and is only worn by old women. The traditional saree has replaced with the set saree also known as Kerala saree.

Men’s costume in Kerala :

It is said that Men’s are more conservative than the women’s .The traditional outfit of the men are Manu. It is a huge white cloth, puckered around the waist and is rested till the ankle. Many of them do not prefer wearing apparel below the waist. The upper class men wear a towel over their neck. The feather white shirts and cotton trousers are quite common over here the weather is humid.

Daily Wear :

Choodidar and sarees are commonly worn by women. The style is changing nowadays with the presence of western outfits.

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