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Kerala Places to see CUISINES

At a glance :

Region : Kerala

Famous Cuisine : Meen and Kappa, Sambar, Dosa, Puttu and Idly

Major Feature :
Much Use of the spices in cuisines

The state Kerala has created its different identity through its delicious cuisines. From the dishes of the Kerala, people know the Kerala state. The whole credit goes to the traditional cuisine Culture of the Kerala state. Even though, the food culture of the India is great and popular in the whole world. The cuisines of the Kerala state are very spicy and hot because of the tasty and delicious use of spices. It serves the many opportunity to have food. The food of the state is mostly fresh and fulfilled by different flavors, with pleasant aromas. Most of the people of the Kerala state like to eat fish and rice, because this state is situated on the costal region. Kerala state's food and land is very much rich in producing of coconut, after going to Kerala state, you won't get any dish which does not contain tamarind, curry leaves, asafetida and chilies. Coconut is highly use in all the dishes of the Kerala. In other states, people use tomato in the food for the sour taste, but in Kerala cuisine, they use little pinch of the tamarind as a substitute flavor of sour. Curry leaves are used as normally people use for the food. As I said, without coconut, their dish can not get complete.

People of Kerala state, make the total the use of the natural food, which they get from the land, and the result of that use is as usual worthy, which makes their cuisine different and delicious. Their people also believe in making simple dish as Kanji means the rice gruel or Sadya. Sadya dish is very decorative dish and it is very much unique food. Where as another dish called Avial, is one of the favorite dishes of the people of Kerala state. It is a very nutritious food because it contains different healthy mixture of the vegetables, green chilies and also paste of the coconut. Avail dish is a seasonal dish, which makes in the coconut oil and curry leaves which has to be sprinkle over the dish and quickly it has to be take off from the fire of stove. The popular Kottucurry is made by using the cube shaped potatoes, green chilies and onions, all this ingredients has to be cooked in the milk of coconut, in this dish they use much amount of red chili. Another delicious dish of Kerala state is Olan, which makes by using the red grams and pumpkins, these ingredients they cook in the milk of coconut and make very thin gravy which they eat with the rice. As per the uses of coconut in the cuisines of Kerala is very much like that, they also eat rice in much amount. Majority of the dishes of Kerala are made by the rice, and with curry, dal and gravy they eat rice.

Appam :

Appam is a favorite dish of the people. It is like a small and soft pancake, made by the toddy which has been made by the batter of the rice, because it is like a pancake it is very spongy, but the edges of the Appam is very crispy. Generally this Appam is eats with the vegetable, mutton stew and chicken. The whole Appam is thoroughly makes in the milk of the coconut and they use curry leaves for the garnishing.

Desserts :

The desserts are the very important factor of the Kerala people's meal. They serve the desserts in the middle time of the meal. It is very rich in taste and also healthy. Payasam is a major dessert dish of the Kerala people. It is a very thick dish which contains spices, molasses of brown color, cashew nuts, milk of coconut and raisins. There are some varieties of Payasam such as jackfruit payasam, lentil payasam and gram payasam etc. Adapradhaman is a very rich type of Payasam which contains very thin size wafers of rice; it is very much delicious and tasty.

Another dessert dish is Palppayasam. This dessert is made by spices, sugar and pure ghee. All this ingredients are cooked in the creamy milk. This dessert is very sweet with healthy values. This dessert is serves in different way, accompanied with golden color pancake which are called as boli.

Puttu :

It is a like a steamed cake. This dish is made by using the flour of the rice and the batter of the rice power steamed on the cylinders and high bamboo. As per the taste of the Puttu, people serve with the sugar and banana which has been steamed or else with delicious hot curry of chickpeas or gram.

Fish Curry and Tapioca :

This cuisine of the Kerala state is actually a mouthwatering dish. This dish is a blend of the Meen Curry and Kappa. This delicious dish contain natural flavor which because of which people gets attracted. The curry of fish is prepared by the use of red chilies, garlic paste and oninons. And as per the season, they also use curry leafs and the seeds of the mustard.

Delicious Rasam :

This dish is actually an identical dish of Kerala, because this is very much famous dish in the world. Rasam has little bit sweet taste. This curry is served with the steamed rice. People believe that the popular soup of British called Mulligatawny is originated from this Kerala dish. This is a blend of pepper corn and chilly, powder of the both the spices boiled with the juice of the tamarind. Here you will also get to drink the season buttermilk which consist green chilies and turmeric powder. Another is Moru butter milk; this is a salted drink, which has ginger and finely chopped chilies.

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