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Kerala Places to see KERALA MONUMENTS

At a glance :

Region : Kerala State

Main Reachable Spots : Trivandrum

Major Transport Mode : Rain, Air and Road

Perfect Time : Month of August and March

Number of political activities happened in Kerala state,  this state was witnessed many important historical monuments. Various empires ruled over Kerala , that’s why we get to see many ancient architectural structures which expressed that particular empire's flavor such as British, Dutch and Portuguese. This state is very rich in preserving the oldest heritage; which belongs to the different historical stories. If you are interested to get to know about the historical life of this state, then you must visit all the essential monuments in Kerala. The monuments tells you; how the ancient life and how the people were through the images and architectural touch. There are hundreds of monuments located in Kerala . After visiting the major monument, you will feel your trip of Kerala is actually worthy. The below mentioned monuments are the essential monuments in the state of Kerala.

Jewish Synagogue :


This Kochi's monument was constructed in the year 1568. This is a very old monument. Jewish synagogue is one of the world's countries of common wealth.

Padmanabhapuram Palace :


Padmanabapuram, in this small village this beautiful palace was situated. From Thiruvananthapuram, the distance to this palace is around sixty five kilometers. This is a huge elegant palace which looks as though it is telling about the historical architecture of the state .

St. Sebastian Church :


On the northern side of Alappuzha, this old church is situated. This is a highly worshipping place where huge number of Christian people come. This spiritual structure was built by the missionaries of the Portuguese. This St. Sebastian church is very popular because of the festival of this church, which is celebrated by the Christian people for almost eleven days.

Hill Palace :


This palace was constructed in the year 1865. This palace was the residential home of Kochi's royal family. Nowdays, this palace became a museum of historical things. In this museum, you will get to see the royal items, which has ancient furniture; the attractive chair on which the King used to sit, known as Simhasana.

Koyikkal Palace :

 This palace was constructed during the fifteenth century,. At present this palace is a museum. Earlier this palace was the house of the Perakom Thavazhi. Especially the queen Umayamma used to live at this Koyikkal palace. During the century of 1677 and 1684, this queen ruled over this region. The location of the Koyikkal palace is about eighteen kilometers away from Thrivanantpuram,.

Bishop House :


In the sixteenth century, this ancient Bishop house was built. This was the Portuguese Governor's residential house. Earlier this was called by Dome Jos Ferreira's name. He was a Diocese's twenty seventh Bishop.

Bastion's Bungalow :


Ernakulam's sub collector lived in this official bungalow. During the middle period of the seventeenth century, this bungalow was constructed. The architectural pattern of this bungalow reflects the architectural style of the European empire.

Chittur Garumadam :


This is another ancient memorial which is a symbolical monument to remind the great Thunchath Ezhuthachan. This great poet has created a marvelous literature like 'Adhyatma Ramayana'. He has also contributed  in translating the great Hindu epic Mahabharata in the Malayalam Language. this memorial monument showcased the different items such as the slippers he was using,and a  few  idols which he used to worship etc.

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