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Kerala Places to see ARUVIPPURAM

At a glance :

Region : From Thiruvananthapuram, about twenty four kilometers.

Constructed By : Narayan Guru

Committed To : Lord Shiva

Major Festival Celebrated : In the Month of March.

Aruvippuram is a main pilgrimage center that is situated away from Trivandrum, around twenty four kilometers. This pilgrimage has much importance among other pilgrimages in Kerala. This Aruvippuram temple is located on the River's bank; the name of the temple was  derived from the name of the River. This religious pilgrimage is constructed by Shree Narayan Guru. The beautiful location where this pilgrimage is standing from many years is surrounded by delightful and eye pleasant scenery of Trivandrum. This place is not just famous for the spiritual importance but it is also known as a famous picnic spot. Tourist people who come to Kerala , they surely visit this holy pilgrimage.

Aruvippuram temple is committed to Lord Shiva. One of India`s major festival called Shiv Ratri, is celebrated at this pilgrimage on a very large scale, because this is Lord Shiva's temple so it is obvious that Shiva's festival is surely celebrated with huge enthusiasm. During the nineteenth century, Narayan Guru constructed this Aruvippuram temple. There is a story behind making this temple, that the local People went to Narayan Guru and requested him, to make a temple where than can worship god, because they were not allowed by the Brahmin people in the temples.During that time, Narayan Guru accepted the people's request and he placed one holy stone where, the temple is situated from that time, people worship that stone. Trivandrum is a very famous and one of the major places in Kerala. There are some tourist places where you can travel and experience the beauty of Kerala state. The nearby attractive places are Varkala beach and Aaranmula boat competition.

Varkala Beach :

This is a very nice resort, which is situated on the sea side. Varkala beach is also a very essential pilgrimage place in Kerala. From the coastal line, you can see the water spring which is very high in minerals, it is a natural creation, so when you go to see the natural water spring, you will definitely get surprised. You will be  surprised to see how a beach area can be a religious or pilgrimage place, so here is the answer to that, there is the shrine of Janardana Swamy, this shrine is around two thousand years old. Because of the contrast colors such as religious and nature, this place is very popular among the tourists.

Aaranmula Race :

You may be aware of the boat race in Kerala; you would have seen in pictures and television, but now the time is to experience it lively. This boat race of Kerala is held every year in the Aaranmula village.This race is organized during the months of September or August. During the festival of the Aaranmula temple, this boat race is the main attraction. Watching this race in person is actually a thrilling experience; so don't watch it on television or pictures; so hurry to be in Kerala to witness this amazing tradition.

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