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Kerala Places to see IDUKKI ARCH DAM

At a glance :

Region : Kerala State, Idukki

Built Over : Kurathi Hills and Kuravan

Relevance : 1st arch dam of Asia and second in the entire world.

Close Attractive Feature : Sanctuary of wild animal.

Kerala is a state, where you get locked within the beauty of this place. Not only do Indians come to Kerala but people from other countries also come here. Idukki is one of the naturist destinations of Kerala state. As per the tourists of Kerala, this is a naturally rich place which is situated in the blessed state by nature. This place is called as a Hideway of God, the reason behind this name is, it is a major attractive place which has been hidden within the streams, valleys, wildlife, natural scenic points, dams, trekking hills, forests, sanctuaries, lakes and also hill stations. In entire Asia, Idukki dam is a 1st arch dam and in the whole world, it is a 2nd arch dam. If you will see the map of India's , Idukki district comes in between nine degree to fifteen degree. The altitude location of this district is about 21 on the north and on the east it is about 76 degree. this dam is situated in the center of the state.Madurai district is spread in the surrounding area of the Idukki dam's eastern side, and the western side of the Idukki dam is surrounded by Kottayama and Ernakulam. Southern part is covered by Pathanamthitta and the north is by Trichur. Around 5105.22 square kilometer area is  covered by the Idukki dam, which also has geographical and topographical characteristics. Few different characteristic of the Idukki dam has ninety seven percent areas out of the entire area; which include forests and mountains of around three percent.

The whole area of the Idukki dam is wrapped by the huge forest area, valleys and very high hills.There is a unique feature that is fourteen peaks in one district area, the height of these peaks is about two thousand meters. Number of tourists come to this Idukki dam to see this unique and tremendous creation of nature. You must be thinking, how this different and interesting destination got the name Idukki, so here is the relevance, Idukki word comes from a Malayam word Idukku. The meaning of this word is narrow gorge. The reason behind this meaning is because this place is located in between a couple of massive rocks which are Kurathi and Kuravan. Till ancient time, the history of Idukki has been liked, the connection of the Idukki, can be seen from the Stone Age and Paleolithic age. It was founded after the excavation of the Archaeological; this  happened in the year of 1947-48. At the end on the 26th January 1972, this Idukki district of Kerala came into existance. This district has places like Peermedu, Devikulam, Thodupuzha Taluk and Udumbanchola.

This beautiful place is very popular for its attractive tourism characteristics. Idukki tourism district is more than fifty percent area wrapped under various kinds of forest, which has moist forests, evergreen forest, grasslands and also dry forests. There is also a very exciting sanctuary of wild animals, which is spread around one hundred and five square kilometers, which also includes Idukki, cheruthoni and Kulamavu. All these different natural factors spread over the whole land which is about thirty three square kilometers. One of the main attractive factors of this Idukki Arch dam is the popular sanctuaries of wild animals; these sanctuaries include sanctuaries like Bird Thattekkad sanctuary, Rajamala sanctuary, Chinnar sanctuary, Eravikulam sanctuary and Periyar Tiger etc. visiting these attractive destination is actually a mesmerizing travel experience, here you can see a number of various natural features which show the actual color of  nature. This place is very far from the destroying factors like air pollution, traffic and buildings that’s why till now it has been successful in maintaining their natural beauty and relaxing peace. In Idukki dam, the very attractive places are Devikulam and Munnar which are very popular because of their wild flowers with mesmerizing fragrance and amazing spots, Kuthukal waterfalls, and also scarce herbs. Marayoor, which belongs to the Idukki district, is very popular for its naturally growing trees of sandal wood. There is one more place is known as a Mattupetti which is popular for the grassy landscape houses. This unique district also includes the hill station that is Idyllic, it is located near the road called Munnar and Kodaikanal. to reach this naturally gifted destination, you can select any mode of transport whether it is air, road or rail. By air, you can land on the closest airport called Madurai, which is around one hundred and forty kilometers away from  Idukki district; their are also two more airport which is Thiruvananthapuram,whose distance is about two hundred sixty five kilometers and another is Nedumbassery, which is about one hundred ninety kilometers. By road also this district is very well connected to the state. By rail, you can arrive at Kumarakom railway station, from this station the distance is about one hundred fourteen kilometers and one hundred thirty six kilometers distance from Madurai railway station. You won't get to see this kind of tremendously beautiful natural destinations in any one district anywhere in the entire the world.

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