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A sacred land where spirituality is fostered devotedly in India can only be Tamil NAdu. The land of Tamil Nadu is bordered by stunning coastlines and has a wonderful backdrop of thick forested land. The land that was once the cradle of Dradivianls restores the ancient cultural heritage in the form of intricate temples. The landscapes of this state offer a high diversity in its forms as Tamil Nadu is a place of mountains, beaches, and sea and river valleys. This happens to be the sole state in India which contains within its boundaries both the eastern and western ghat mountains. Nilgiri hills mark the site where both the range of mountains meets each other. The stunning geographical feature of the sate lies in Kanyakumri town where tourists can see the clear distinction of the different colored water of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet. No matter where you go to Tamil Nadu the confluence point of the three seas is a worth a look.

Temples dotted all over Tamil Nadu are actually the fulcrum of the society. The entire state has plenty of temples and most of them were built during the time of monarchy in Tamil Nadu. The ancient kings made the temple with Dravidian architectural style which is an indigenous architectural style of India. Buidlng temples in Tamil Nadu didn’t take any halt in ancient times as every king made his contribution in the state’s religious domain. Some of the outstanding temples built during the reign of Pallavas are ShoreTemple located at Mamallapuram, Vaikuntha Perumal at Kanchipuram, Kailashanatha Temple situated at Kanchipuram, and Talagiriswara Temple situated in Kanchipuram. During the time of Cholas, temples such as Brihadishwara, Brihadishwara, Airavatesvara, Kampaharesvara were built in the cities Thanjavur, Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Darasuram and Thirubuvanam.

The Eastern and Western Ghats range of mountains in Tamil Nadu has gifted the state with some of the exclusive hill stations like Ooty and Kodaikanal. The wealth of vegetation is evident much before you reach the hill stations as the road that takes you there has been paved along the thick curtains of greenery covering the hills.

Caves are another attraction in the rich land of Tamil Nadu. The Mahabalipuram caves are probably the most intricate, stately, and amazing among all the monuments in India.

Your tour to Tamil Nadu can take the shape of a grand vacation one you go for trekking or enjoy the water sports. Conventionally a land of religious interest, Tamil Nadu is also a place where adventure lovers can find a respite. The sylvan tracks of dry deciduous forests, thorn forests and evergreen forests offer marvelous walkways for trekkers. Popular trekking sites are Nilgiri hills, Annamalai hills, Kalvarayan hills and Kodaikanal.

Water sports like rowing and angling at Muttukadu will add fun and frolic to your trip.

Pack your bags to have a look at the sumptuous land of Tamil Nadu.

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