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Tamil Nadu Places to see CHUNNAMBAR BEACH

At a Glance :

Region :
Tamil Nadu, from Pondicherry about seven kilometers, Ariyankuppam

Interesting Attractive Places :
Fishing, Trekking and Rowing

Popular As :
Beach Resort

Chunnambar beach of Tamil Nadu state is situated in state's well known part Ariyankuppam, from Pondicherry it is about seven kilometers, and it comes on the Cuddalore route. Here you will get the opportunity to enjoy the trekking, rowing and fishing and many more types of fun activities. If you will judge this place from beauty point of view then it is not lacking even one percent. If you will see the entire view of the Chunnambar beach then you can see that on one side there are silent backwaters & on other side there is a long carpet of seashore that it is called as Plage Paradiso. The one of the unique features of this beach is, here you will get to see swimming pool at the backwater's center point, there are swimming coach and floats so you need not to worry, there is also helping guide to teach you swimming if you don't know.

You can too learn Kayaking at this place, you will also get the chance to try the ride of motorboats at the backwater's mouth area and close water area of beach. If you want to experience skim on water then Hydroplanes are present there; you can also visit the places where branches of River come out in pedal or rowboat, it is really enjoyable. Chunnambar beach of Tamil Nadu state is situated close to backwater's mouth area. The water of sea is very clean and sand is as smooth as cushion. You can refresh your soul and body by experiencing the water sports and sun bathing. Playing valleyball on the beach is just amazing activity, you can try it here by borrowing net and volleyball from center of volleyball sport. If you find interest in fishing rods and fishing are too present in the center of sports. You must be amazed after knowing the facilities which have been provided by beach. The idea behind this just to serves the uninhibited fun and unlimited enjoyment.

There are top 3 tree houses which are located in Chunnambar, it serves ecstasy of ecotourism to the tourists. You can paint, read, listen music or else you can stay overnight on tree's top area. On the top houses of tree there are palm houses, sunrise panorama and Nest bird at Chunnambar. The panorama of sunrise gives an unobstructed view of mouth area of backwater. In the other hand, Palm house forgets the Non-natural Park and pond. The nest of bird is good for the People who like adventure things and this house has rope steps which take you to the tiny balcony.

Here you will get accommodation in nearby resort; this resort contains various types of cuisine restaurant known as Seagulls. This hotel has special non vegetarian dishes like Tandoori and it also includes the Chinese dishes that are why you need not to think more about stay and good food because both needs will get fulfilled here.

Visit :

The closest railway stations of Chunnambar beach are Pondicherry and Cuddalore. The Cuddalore railway station is linked through the rail to Chennai by the route of Villupuram. The railway station of Pondicherry has some trains that travel within the Villupuram and Pondicherry. Chennai is a closet railway station.

The closest railway station is Chennai; it has both terminuses international and national.

For local traveling you can use regional buses from Pondicherry and Cuddalore for Chunnambar beach.

Stay :

You will get the facility of accommodation in Seagulls restaurant, which is located at Chunnambar beach or else there are various hotels in Pondicherry and Cuddalore.

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