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Tamil Nadu Places to see KANYAKUMARI BEACH

At a Glance :

Region : Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari

Attractive Spots : The Sangam & Vivekananda Rock

Popular For :
Amazing Sunsets and Sunrise.

Kanyakumari is an India's southern ending peak; it is also known as Cape Comorin. This is a very unique beach which is bounded by the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea though the meeting spot is known as Thriveni Sangamam. At this place you will get shocking view of the Sun set and Sunrise which you probably haven't seen at any other place. The very amazing thing about this place is, Kanyakumari beach contains colorful sand, and this is also one of the attractive features of this beach. It includes Gandhi Mandapam, this structure has been built here on the occasion of Great legend Gandhiji's birthday. The spatiality of this place is on the 2nd October the rays of Sun come certainly on the place where Ganghiji's mortal has been kept here and has been immersed in the water of sea. The temple of the Kanyakumari Amman is one more attractive aspect of the seashore. As per the Hindu mythology Mother Sakthi had saved the mankind. There is a tiny hillock in the Kanyakumari Sea; it is a memorial symbol of devotional Swamy Vivekananda.

Famous Attractive Spots :

Vivekananda's Rock :

This beach is renowned because of Vivekananda Rock. This is a big stone which look like it is coming out of the Kanyakumari Sea; as per the mythology Swami Vivekananda had practiced meditation over this rock. After some time, it has been transformed in the Vivekananda's statue, people look at this rock as a memory of Vivekanada. Though Kanyakumair beach has became a famous and respected place among the followers of the legend Vivekanada. There are many Bengalis resided in the Tamil Nadu state, they have established many restaurants and hotels in this state.

The Sangam :

This one of the interesting spots of the Kanykumari Beach is a famous and amazing meeting point of the prime water bodies such as Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Actually Sangam is bathing ghat, the steps of this bathing ghat are moving towards the similar to lagoon and water which has been created in between the land through the many rocks. You can enjoy bath here and you can jump in the around water. You will totally get mix with the flowing weaves of the Sangam that are going over the seashore rocks.

Visit :

Chunnambar beach of Tamil Nadu is another beach of this state, is a terminus of big estimate links of south side railway line and it has been connected with the New Delhi, Chennai, Thiruvanthapuram and Tirunelveli.

The closest airport of Kanykumari Beach is Thiruvnthapuram; this airport is located around eighty seven kilometers far from this beach.

The Chunnambar beach is very well linked through the road to each and every prime location of Southern India. Here you can travel through bus also from Trichy, Chennai, Thiruvananthpuram, Madurai, Udhagamandalam, Coimbatore etc. for local traveling you can also use the auto rickshaws, city buses and taxis etc.

Stay :

There are very nice accommodation service provider hotels that are located at Kanykumari. The hotels provide luxurious facilities which will make your holiday more amazing.

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