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Tamil Nadu Places to see COONOOR CITY

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Languages : Tamil, English

Area : 14 square kilometers

Altitude : 1858 meters

Temperature : In summer, 12-27 degree Celsius; in winters, 7-22 degree Celsius.

Major Attractions : Pomological Station, Sim's Park

Best Visiting Time : Nov & Feb

Coonoor is a lovely hill station of Karnataka; it lies amidst Nilgiri Hills and is smothered with fantastic surroundings and natural beauty. Its distance from Ooty, another hill station, is only 19 kilometers, so if you can manage to visit both of them, nothing can be like that. Resting at a height of 1856 meters from sea level, this hill station comes at second position as far as area is concerned. There are tea plantations that dot the entire area.

Attractions :

Tea Gardens :

These are scattered all over and paint a pleasant picture. These plantations are major tourist attractions of Coonoor. Singara is one such tea garden. Here, you have the privilege of watching different types of tea, both of average and high quality. If you want to know more about the process of manufacturing tea, then you can help of the local guide. Other picturesque places like Dolphin's nose can be seen from here. You can also have the panoramic view of several tribal villages that lie around.

Splendid Beauty :

This peaceful and tranquil destination is laden with lush greenery, spellbound imageries, and breathtaking views.

Sim's Park :

Constructed in nineteenth century has a unique set of vegetation. It is a place worth visiting as its abundant natural beauty will take over your senses. It is a well laid park that exhibits creativity of its constructors. The park is perched upon a ravine at a height of about 1798. As you explore the park, you will notice that there are several plant species like ferns, camellia, pines etc. that are dispersed in the area. There are about 1000 plant species at Sim's Park; in different seasons, there is different type of vegetation that blooms here. Don't forget to visit the lovely rose garden that lies at base of the hill slope. A remarkable feature of the park is that it shelters many plants that cannot flourish in Ooty. Another distinction of the park is the presence of meandering roads that seem to criss crossing the park area.

Toy Train :

The major attraction of Coonoor is the toy train that makes your way across tea gardens. The ride on this train is just exhilarating and connects the tourist going from Ooty to Mettupalayam. On your way, you can capture some of the most appealing sceneries onto your cameras. The picturesque views of Nilgiri Hills are worth admiration.

Pomological Station :

It is an important landmark of Coonoor; this research center is managed by State Agriculture Department. The scientific research activities related to fruits like pomegranate, apricot etc. are organized here on regular basis. Apart from diverse flora, you can also have thee glimpse of several bird species like skylarks, cormorants, thrushes, verditers etc. Scientific methods are employed to raise the production and quality of the plants. You can take away with you some food preservatives and jams fro here.

Pasteur Institute :

Another attraction worth visiting is Pasteur Institute. The base of the institute rests on a very wide area. The structure is oblong-shaped and carries two stories. There are turrets at each of its corners. You might be wondering what the institute is all about. It is famous Rabies research and treatment institute manufactures Polio vaccine. There is a story linked to this place. Lily Walsh, wife of a British officer got bitten by a dog. As, the antidote was available only at this institute and there was no other medical treatment that could cure the patient. It was the reason that the institute was donated to Lord Curzon. Since then, it became an esteemed institute.

Law Falls :

Beauty of Coonoor is aggravated by Laws Falls. Named after Colonel Law, the Falls have a height of 180 feet. There are a number of shoals that form part of this paradisiacal place.

Lamb's Rock :

A fantastic picnicking place that lies at about 5 kilometers from the destination is Lamb's Rock. You will not leave the place without admiring its natural beauty. This idyllic place is a fantastic way to get a hiatus from the monotony of the day to day life. Come here with family and children to make most out of your stay here.

Dolphin's Nose :

This amazing rock formation is a lovable spot and is located about 12 kilometers from Coonoor. A part of the rock pops outs and resembles the snout of a dolphin. Here you will notice a number ravines present on either side. Catherine Falls that forms part of one of such ravines presents a nice picture. You can have the panoramic view of the entire city from Dolphin's Nose.

Kattery Falls :

Yet another waterfall that adorns Coonoor is Kattery Falls. It was at this place that a hydroelectric station was set up, the first of its kind in Nilgiri area.

Droog Fort :

Climbing up to this Fort that lies at 6000 feet from sea level can be an arduous task. In its earlier days, it was an important outpost that was used for military purposes. Its remarkable location at such a huge altitude allows you to have the panoramic views of the area.

Vegetable Show :

Every year in the month of May, a vegetable and fruit show is organized here; the event draws a large crowd.

Accommodation :

There are all types of accommodations available here; depending upon your monetary budget, you can choose "your type" of destination. Luxury hotels and moderate guesthouses are available for the sake of tourists.

Coonoor is a nice getaway to spend your vacation time.

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