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Tamil Nadu Places to see COURTALLAM

Quick Bytes :

Location :
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Languages :
Tamil, English

Major Attractions : Waterfalls

Best Visiting Time :

Courtallam, the origin place of rivers like Chittar, Pachaiyar, and Manimuthar, is a small town that rests among Western Ghats. Bursting with umpteen cascades, Waterfalls and other water bodies, this tranquil destination is a perfect health resort and is aptly called "Spa of the South". Though a small town, the place remains loaded with a number of tourists throughout the year.

Attractions :

Health Resort :

If you want to get away with the foul and smelly air of metropolitan cities, Courtallam is a just the right kind of place. The waters flowing through the town are known to have medicinal and healing properties. The therapeutical water of the rivers criss crosses a number of herb forests. The waters are supposed to cure many ailments and have a soothing effect on body and mind.

Natural Landscapes :

As this town roosts on Western Ghats, it is abundant in natural beauty presented by the Ghats. Its undulations, groves, mountains, and fields seem alluring to the eyes. The height of these ghats varies from place to place. At some places, the mountain peaks are low while at other, like that near Five Falls, is as high as 5000 feet. Panchanthangi is the tallest peak present here.

Lovely Climate :

It is best to visit Courtallam between the months of June and September as at that time, you can see there are lighting flashes striking among clouds. You can wet yourself in the soothing drizzle or "Charal" that will not make you too wet nor leave you completely dry.

Waterfalls :

Main Falls is the major attraction of the place. Visit the Falls between the months of November and January; the water of the monsoonal rains make these Falls more voluminous. The water of Chittar River falls from a height of 300 feet.

Shenbagadevi Falls :

At a mere distance of only a mile from Main Falls, this water body also pulls a large crowd. It has got its name from a Temple dedicated to Shenbagadevi.

Small Falls :

Called as Chittaruvi, these falls are comparatively smaller in size as compared to the Main Falls.

Old Falls :

Another fall that lies at short distance from Main Falls is Old Falls. Only a handful of tourists visit this place.

New Falls :

Sitting majestically at an altitude of 1000 feet, New Falls at Courtallam are surrounded by the woody landscapes. The pleasant view seen from here allows you to have a splendid view of the town.

Tiger Falls :

Here, you will find bathing ghats that are frequented by pilgrims. Here, you can see a temple dedicated to the deity Sastha.

Thirukootachalanathar Temple :

Devoted to Shiva, this shrine carries inscriptions related to Chola kingdom. The main attraction here is a "Chitra Sabha" which is a devotion to Natraja (dancing form of Shiva). Here, look for the paintings depicting stories from ancient religious texts like puranas.

Festivals :

Saral Festival :

"Saral" is a phenomena observed during monsoon season. Art this time the rain water drizzling through the atmosphere produces a foggy mist. It is during this time that Saral festival is celebrated. It involves bathing in the waterfalls of Courtallam. This Festival of July is characterized by several cultural programs and merry making.

Accommodation :

Numerous staying options are available that allow you to choose from hotels, lodges, and other budget options.

Cities Nearby :

Tenkasi (6 kilometers), Tirunelveli (59 kilometers), Thiruvanathapuram (112 kilometers) are the cities located nearby.

Courtallam is one of the nice destinations of Tamil Nadu that will let you rejuvenate and allows you to relax amidst nature.

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