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Tamil Nadu Places to see CUDDALORE

Quick Bytes :

Location : Tamil Nadu

Languages :
Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, English

Major Attractions : Kattu Mannargudi, Cuddalore Port

Area : 27 square kilometers

Temperature : In summers, 33-43 degree Celsius, in winters, 22-27 degree Celsuis.

Best Visiting Time : Throughout the year

The industrial city of Cuddalore is situated near Pondicherry and draws a large number of tourists from different parts of India. The place's changing face in terms of its development has resulted in being more frequented by the tourist circuits. There are a number of lovely Beaches that it can boast of. The place is meandered by the River Gedilam. Its water separates the region of Old Town and Thirupadiripuliyur.

History :

In ancient period, the town was a famous seaport and it was from here that the trade with Roman Empire was carried out. The city came under the rule of a number of colonial powers like Dutch, Portuguese, French etc. As the power finally fell to British, a number of monuments and buildings were erected here. One of the oldest schools of the country is present here. Names of a number of famous personalities are linked to Cuddalore. People like Vallalar, Krish Srikanth, V. Vaithilingam, Kannayan Ramalingam are connected to the place in some way or the other.

Attractions :

Pitchavaram :

A tourist destination known for its backwaters and water sports is Pitchavaram. Be ready to experience some real adventure which can be pursued in the form of rowing, boating, canoeing, kayaking etc. As place has a number of mangrove trees that form part of this lovely destination, the pleasure of gliding through them is unbeatable. From here, you can also reach a number of small hamlets that are covered with lush greenery.

Cuddalore Port :

Resting at the concourse of Gadilam River and Paravanar River, this port has a hinterland that encompasses Cuddalore district and some ports. The area is rich in different types of minerals.

Tiruppapuliyur :

This tourist pace is a part of New Town. Considered sacred by the pilgrims, this sanctified place is believed to be the revered place for achieving salvation. A temple devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva in the form of Pataleswara is also present here. Named after this deity, the temple is called Pataleswara Temple.

Devanampattinam Beach :

This beach has a long coastline and is the main attraction for the tourists. It is one of the finest recreational spots that is still unspoiled by the city life. It is also called Silver Beach; the name attributed to its golden sands. There are a whole lot of activities that you can pursue here including horse-riding and boating. Other appealing options are boat house and Children Park.

Thiruvahidrapuram :

This historical village is considered as one of the 108 Divya Desams. It is framed by Garuda Nadhi River. As the legends say, the famous Oushadagiri that forms its backdrop was the herbal hill that Lord Hanuman dropped while going to Lanka. There are three festivals that are celebrated with full zest and enthusiasm; these are named Desikar Festival, Masi Makam, and Brahmotasava.

Excursions :

Chidambaram :

One of the oldest sacred paces to be visited , Chidambaram. It is hardly a distance of 44 kilometers from Cuddalore. The place is associated with Lord Shiva who is depicted in his cosmic dance form.

Annamalai University :

Another nearby location is Annamalai University that is one of the centers of higher education and learning.

Porto Novo :

It is one of the attractions of Chidambaram district and is situated on the shore of River Vellar. The place is historically important as it was occupied by a number of colonizers like Dutch, Portuguese and finally British.

Tiruvakarai :

At this remote place, you will see several fossilized trunks. An ancient Shiva Temple is present here and was constructed during Chola Period.

Vadalur :

It is located at 34 kilometers from the destination. Look for Satayagnana Sabha, a structure that is octagonal shaped. From here, you can have the view of the towers of Chidambaram Temple.

Festivals :

Masi Magam :

On full moon day in the month of February or March, this festival is celebrated by carrying out the images of revered deities on a colorful procession. The images are then immersed in the waters of River Ponnaiyar. The river is considered sacred and the bath taken in its water is supposed to wash away all the sins.

Fire Festival :

This unusual Festival involves walking on fires by people, a gesture done to fulfill one's vows and get blessing in return.

Restaurants :

Among the popular restaurants that allow you to indulge in palatable dishes include Hotel Durai, Anandha Bhavan, Cartels Club etc.

Accommodation :

Though luxurious hotels cannot be expected here, there are several medium and low budget options that are available for you.

Excursion to Cuddalore can be a nice experience for you.

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