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Tamil Nadu Places to see TAMIL NADU DANCE AND MUSIC

In Tamil Nadu you can find entertainment in three modes they are literature which means Iyal, music which means Isai and drama which means Nadagam, they too have their roots in the rural folk theatre such as Therukoothu. From the primitive times, you can find many individual dances that have their existence here. You can call these dances as full paisa vasul dances with sheer value of entertainment. The classical dances that are celebrated in the villages are Kavadi Aattam, Kai Silambu Attam, Devaraattam, Karagaattam, Mayil Attam, Kummi, Oyil Kummi, Bagavatha Nadanam, Snake Dance, Kolaattam and many more on the list. The music of Tamil Nadu is broadly divided into three major groups which is Carnatic Music, Folk Songs, and Modern or Contemporary songs. Nowadays modern music means the songs that are from the movies.

The folk songs show the traditional Culture of Tamil Nadu through its music. These songs are a reason of drawing cards to Tamil Nadu. Majorly all the folk songs are connected to the rural milieu. This form of music is a main course of music from which the musicians get an inspiration for films. The Carnatic music is referred to as the classical music of South India. Traditional devotional songs come under this category; this music is enjoyed by all people pertaining to any age group.

Mentioned below is a brief information about the dance and music of Tamil Nadu :

Comic Dance : From ancient time, one of Tamil Nadu’s pime dance. According to the Indian tradition, it is said that each and every dance of India has been associated from Natraja. Nrityamurtis is quite common in whole India and chiefly in the south.

Devaraatham Dance : (Devaraatham dance) of this state is one of the popular folk dances that is chiefly adepted by Kambala Nayaka of Silavaar section.

Bharatnatyam Dance : Bharatanatyam dance,of this state is on of the popular form of dance linked to Nava Rasa. This dance is performed swaying to carnatic form of music.

Film Music :
Tamil Nadu`s eminent and chief feature of society is cinema. And as it is growing, the demand and craze is also nurturing.Musical shows are the life of the localites.

Karagattam Dance :
Karagattam dance is the oldest folk dances. It is a prototypical way of praising the deities, and carrying the beautifully adorned pots. Tamil Nadu dancers perform this dance to praise the river and rain deities. The musical tune of this dance is aesthetical because of the musical instruments and songs. The dancers balance the water pot on their head and they dance with musical rhythm with that pot. The sole feature of this dance form is handling the pot on the head and dancing.

Kavadi Aattam dance : The Kavadi Aattam dance, a folk dance. This dance was born during the ancient time. The People of this state visit far away pilgrimages by walking; also moving plenty of contribution for the almighty. They tie their contributions to both ends of long sticks an balance it on their bear.

Kummi Dance :
Kummi is another dance form of this state. This dance type is very essential and it is also historical. This dance type came into existence when musical instruments were not available. This is a woman oriented dance form. Kummi dance of Tamil Nadu consisits of different types like Kulavai kummi, Poonthatti kummi, Mulaipari kummi and Deepa kummi etc.

Musical Instruments : Music is like food for the people of Tamil Nadu. Musical instruments are the prime aspects because of which the entire world enjoys.

Theru Koothu dance :
Theru Koothu dance is a highly famous folk dance form. This is a popular form of folk dance also practiced in the northern part of Tamilnadu.And is mainly feted in the month of (April and July).

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Popular Dance And Music Of India
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